After finding 127 Bitcoins at his grandfather’s house, one of Reddit users sold it for 4 million dollars.

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One of the users of social net Reddit under a certain nickname announced about finding 127 Bitcoins at the outdated personal computer of his grandfather and selling every part of it for 34 thousand dollars. As a result, he became a millionaire in no time. The total sum, for which digital assets saved during the last 8 years by this person, acquired for successful fulfillment of various tasks, were sold, exceeding the limit of 4 million dollars.

In those days, the above-mentioned user wanted to include Bitcoin in the complex of ways for buying an in-game currency – Uridium. Despite this fact, he confirmed that he wasn’t able to buy Uridium, but didn’t specify the reason for failure and left the idea of continuing any operations with Bitcoin, which they were not as profitable as now.

This lucky user stated that he used to play Dark Orbit at his grandfather’s house while spending holidays there, approximately during a week. He was surfing on the outdated Dell computer and suddenly found a .txt folder under the name ‘keys.’

Apart from it, according to the above-mentioned user’s words, he wasn’t able to recollect the reason for failure concerning purchasing the in-game currency and this failure even became the key factor in making a fortune 8 years later, after the sale of the total sum of Bitcoins for 4 million dollars on January 3 when the price of every single Bitcoin was approximately 34 thousand dollars.

For other users of this social net, the story about 127 Bitcoins is doubt-provoking

Despite the logically structured story, at first sight, the majority of Redditers expressed a skeptical attitude towards the described event, as it seems to them that it’s impossible to sell such a huge amount of BTC almost in no time. The majority of the biggest and the most influential cryptocurrency exchangers support the daily limit, according to which the maximum sum for sale during 24 hours is 100 thousand dollars.

After posting the description of this unbelievable story, the Redditer specified that the sale of assets was accomplished with the help of “OTC Principal Desk”:

He added that after finding the appropriate platform he has been thoroughly choosing an appropriate organization and finally opted for the most suitable one, which resulted in the sale of 127 Bitcoins, while every single Bitcoin was 33,439.02 dollars, except for a 0.15% fee. So, approximate fortune has reached the limit of 4.24 million dollars

The screenshot indicating the sum of money in the account, exactly 4.2 million on January 7, served as proof for the user who shared this story. Despite this, according to his words, the reason for raveling the name of the operation itself was the desire to obscure the name of the organization that has become the buyer of his Bitcoins.

Despite all these proved facts, the fortune made by the above-mentioned Redditer in no time without any special efforts could be at least a million dollars more, literally after several days, when the Bitcoin price increased to the limit of 41 thousand dollars, which then became the highest mark of all time.

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