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Actual news 

We are happy to announce the winners of our Airdrop!

  1. matt6733@ххххххххх
  2. seattledream@хххххххх
  3. ebogomerlin@хххххххх
  4. Jurij.lovse@ххххххх
  5. roccobumbul@ххххххх
  6. zaidc8275@ххххххх
  7. samueluchibong@хххххххх
  8. hanirami4848@хххххххх
  9. aj37542@ххххххх
  10. mageddr011@хххххххх

Each winner will get an email with the prize activation instruction! 🤝

If you are not the winner today – please don’t be upset! ☺️ 

We have a lot of daily activities – just make sure to be subscribed to ECOS social media!

If you want to try BTC mining for free, then register on ECOS platform by pushing the button below

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