ECOS weekly analytical report

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ECOS weekly analytical report

The last week (March 2-9) analytics and the crypto market performance

Total capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has dropped by 5 % over the week and amounts to 1 trillion 828 billion USD

? Key news of the week

  1. NFT hype is leaving the marketplace. Daily volume in the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, dropped from $250 million to about $70 million, down 72% from its peak
  2. VanEck launches ETF for mining cryptocurrencies
  3. Last week, digital asset inflows totaled $127 million, up from the previous week, indicating that investors remain supportive of digital assets despite recent geopolitical events
  4. FC Barcelona wants to create its own crypto to help them compete against clubs owned by large corporations and foreign investors, President Joan Laporta said. They will launch a series of NFTs (non-interchangeable tokens) in the near future

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