ECOS weekly analytical report 29 March

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Actual news 

🕐 Week in Review

  1. Florida to accept bitcoin for taxes
  2. Exxon considers launching pilot project to use surplus gas as energy for Bitcoin mining
  3. Japanese holding company Line to launch NFT trading platform
  4. Former Polychain partner Tekin Salimi launches $125 million cryptocurrency venture fund
  5. Israeli bank Leumi to begin offering cryptocurrency trading through its digital platform Pepper Invest

Now let’s have a look at the situation of crypto assets performance over the last week

📊 Total capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has increased by 14% over the week and amounts to 2 trillion 116 billion USD

Top gainers among ECOS portfolios over the last week

1️⃣ Metaverse Index +19 %

2️⃣ Blockchain Infrastructure Index +17 %

3️⃣ Play-to-Earn Index +15.5%

4️⃣ Lucky portfolio +15%

5️⃣ DeFi Protocols Index +14%

6️⃣ Elon Musk Index +13.3 %

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