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Welcome to ECOS weekly news and analytics digest! ?

All the market is down, with BTC being down ~50% from the November ATH, making this the second deepest drawdown in this halving cycle.

The whole crypto market is following the trend as well:

▫️Uma and Dydx coins (ECOS ventures index) have been 27% down 

▫️Pepr (ECOS ventures index)  has been 17% down 

▫️FTT (ECOS ventures index) has been 20% down 

ECOS Expert opinion:

– If you haven’t yet sold your assets – then definitely to hold is the best strategy. 

– If you want to start investing – then divide the amount you have to 4-5 parts and buy when there are significant market drops. 

– Current situation in the market can be a good time to buy some hash power for BTC mining until the growth trend has started. But buy long-term mining contracts to mitigate the bearish trend risks.

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