ECOSversary – ECOS 5th anniversary!

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ECOS 5th anniversary

Today is August 20, and that means that exactly in a month ECOS celebrates its 5-year anniversary!
Certainly, ECOS team has arranged lots of activities, giveaways and many other interesting events for you!

The 20th of September is a significant day for our company. On this day in 2017 ECOS opened its doors to the world of investments.

In just 5 years, our platform has won the hearts of over 250,000 satisfied customers!

ECOS in numbers

  1. 5: years of uninterrupted work and development
  2. > 250,000: the number of customers worldwide
  3. 173: number of countries of our customers
  4. > 500,000: completed transactions
  5. 96: giveaways held
  6. 688: auctions held

Subscribe to our social networks, register on our platform and wait for the next announcements! Stay tuned, we have lots of great entertainment waiting for you!

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Eze Nelson
Eze Nelson
1 year ago

Happy birthday

Ukamah Munachimso
Ukamah Munachimso
1 year ago

This is great news, happy anniversary in advance

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