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Legality of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are gradually conquering the whole world. However, central banks, regulators, and governments of different countries are not always equally interested in them. This article will look at the legal status and regulation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in several countries, as they can be very different from each other. 


The country’s central bank (RBI) has repeatedly warned citizens that cryptocurrencies are not legal tender. Anyone who trades them should do so at their own risk due to the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies. The RBI banned the country’s banks from servicing cryptocurrency exchanges.

There are concerns that crypto exchanges and crypto traders are evading taxes, and some cryptocurrencies have been subject to tax raids. Although the RBI is still not a supporter of cryptocurrencies, they are very interested in learning about the blockchain.

The Government of India and several state governments pilot projects using this technology to improve governance and eradicate corruption. The RBI is considering issuing its own cryptocurrency. However, more details on this plan are expected.


There has been significant crypto and blockchain activity in China. However, since then, the country has strictly banned all ICOs and is trying to ban crypto mining. While individuals can trade cryptocurrencies, financial companies are prohibited from dealing in crypto assets.

In 2017, crackdowns were placed on cryptocurrency exchanges as the government was concerned that criminals would use cryptocurrencies to finance their illegal activities. Although the future of cryptocurrencies in China is unclear, the country has a tech-savvy community of blockchain developers. Chinese entrepreneurs have successfully launched well-known blockchain and crypto projects.


Cryptocurrencies are legal tender in Japan, and blockchain technology is also welcome. Japan accounts for a huge share of the global bitcoin trade. The Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) enforces strict anti-money laundering protocols on exchanges, but the government encourages it if the exchange plays by the rules.

Incidents of cryptocurrency exchange hacks have forced Japanese regulators to look at cryptocurrency exchanges. Some are asked to suspend operations, and others are asked to improve internal controls. This clearly indicates an effective regulatory mechanism in place, and the crypto market in Japan could grow significantly as long as players follow the rules.

United Kingdom

The country considers cryptocurrencies legal tender, and the government believes that no other law is required to allow their use. For the most part, crypto assets are treated like foreign currencies.

The government is putting a lot of emphasis on using blockchain to fight fraud and corruption. The country also recognizes the promise of blockchain in reducing the cost of paperwork.


Singapore is actively trying to promote itself as the preferred destination for crypto and blockchain startups, with a friendly tax regime and effective regulation of the crypto space. The Monetary Authority of Singapore plans to tokenize the country’s currency. The government pays significant attention and allocates funds to introduce blockchain in the management and provision of financial services.

Which countries to talk about in the following articles? And which country’s path do you think is the most correct? Write in the comments!

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Adam Yurdock
Adam Yurdock
11 months ago

excellent article, Evgenia! thank you

11 months ago

JAPAN ,UNITED KINGDOM and SINGAPORE are taken correct dicision why because these countries thoughts very clear about blackchain technology and crypto currency future…. They know “technology never come back”…..Which country wants to push back the technology that country will come back gradually….. this is fact… thank you

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