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Guys, we’d like you to meet our team!

Probably all of you have seen Anna Komashko, our community manager. Today you will get acquainted with her better! Hurry up to read!

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hello! My name is Anna. I’m ECOS community manager and a person responsible for content marketing in ECOS.

How many years have you been working in ECOS?

In a month I will be celebrating my 3 year anniversary in ECOS.

How did you join ECOS?

I was invited as a community manager. And at first it was a bit scary as I didn’t work in crypto project before, but I really liked the idea of shared mining instead of buying mining devices which may allow more users to try Bitcoin mining. So I decided to try.

Did you know about cryptocurrencies before you were hired?

Sure, I heard about crypto, but now I much much more into the sector.

Are you mining yourself?

Yes I have several mining contracts in ECOS.

What is your favorite cryptocurrency?

I believe in Bitcoin of course. This is the main cryptocurrency and I doubt whether any other coin can fully replace it.

What can you advise to ECOS clients and subscribers?

Be wise. Stay away from scammers. Use only trusted services like ECOS (as it is operating for almost 5 years already) and think about long-term investment strategies – in this case you can be safe in crypto!

If you want to watch a video with Anna, visit ECOS Instagram account and enjoy!

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