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— Tell us a little bit about yourself

— Hello! My name is Vladislav. I’m 39 years old. I have quite big experience in the crypto world. I have 3 sons.

— How many years have you been working in ECOS?

— In ECOS I’m working for almost 3 years in the position of sales development director.

What do you like the most about ECOS?

— ECOS is one of the most reliable companies in the crypto world, especially in mining. We’re providing lots of services for our customers concerning mining and also investments in cryptocurrencies.

— Are you using ECOS services yourself?

— Of course, when I start working in ECOS I purchased mining contracts and then several devices for mining.

— What is your favorite cryptocurrency?

— Actually, I have several currencies which I’m tracking. So first of all of course it’s Bitcoin. I personally believe in it and mine it for myself. Also, I pay attention to Ethereum and some other promising coins in DeFi sector.

— What can you advise to ECOS subscribers?

— To our customers, to ECOS subscribers I can advise staying with us, reinvesting your earnings in purchasing new contracts and increasing your mining power. This is the most important and efficient thing in the market currently.

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