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New Buffett Index

Warren Buffett is one of the most famous, successful, and qualified investors in stock market history. He made his fortune by investing in stocks, estimated at $ 87 billion. But you can use his investment philosophy in the crypto market too!

What are the top investment rules from Warren Buffett? They are also suitable for the crypto market. Warren Buffett once said that an intelligent investor must monitor the ability of companies to compete with competitors. He compared the protection from competition to the water ditches used during the construction of medieval castles.

In order not to invest in a company that will go bankrupt in a few years, it is necessary to investigate whether it can compete with potential competitors. And each crypto project has its competitors.

Buffett also believes that investors should only purchase those assets that will be profitable for them to keep if the market closes for ten years. Daily fluctuations in the exchange rate force inexperienced investors to sell assets or acquire new ones constantly. An experienced businessman should prefer a company with excellent prospects, which will bring profit in the long term.

Often, investors take hasty conclusions driven by emotion and erroneous reasoning. However, Warren Buffett says that the surest decision is to do it with a cold head.

Our analysts have already prepared and collected a portfolio of crypto projects that fit all these rules and bring high returns to their owners. So invest in the Buffett Index right now on our platform and start the year by investing in your future!

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