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Weekly portfolio report

Welcome to our new weekly report that will tell you about the performance of our portfolios and the crypto market as a whole!

Over the past week, the capitalization of cryptocurrencies has grown by 4%, reaching $2.05 trillion. Bitcoin is up 2% and is currently trading at $42,800, while Ethereum is up 5.5% to $3,280. And now, let’s go over the main news of the week.

  1. A significant event is launching a venture fund from the FTX crypto exchange for $2 billion. FTX created it to invest in promising crypto projects. As a result, the exchange token, part of our Exchange Token Index portfolio, grew by +22% over the week.
  2. Electric car maker Tesla has begun accepting Dogecoin as a payment method. After that, DOGE is up about 20% over the last week.
  1. The well-known auction house Sotheby’s will accept BTC, ETH, or USDC as payment at the auction to sell a rare black diamond.
  1. The Near project from our Buffet Index portfolio grew by 33% over the week, reaching a price of $19.20. It happened due to the project closing a round of investments of $150 million from leading venture funds. Recently, this is the second project after 1inch with Russian roots, which has attracted large investments.
  2. ADA token is up +35%. The cryptocurrency rate is growing due to the launch of the first decentralized crypto exchange SundaeSwap in the Cardano network. By the way, this project is also in our Blockchain Infrastructure Index portfolio.

What about the portfolios themselves? Did they rise or fall? Let’s take a look at their returns over the past week:

  1. Lucky Portfolio +18%
  2. Exchange Token Index +13%
  3. Top 10 Index +12.8%
  4. NFT Index +12.5%
  5. Metaverse Index +12%
  6. Blockchain Infrastructure +10.7%
  7. Buffet Index +9.5%
  8. Elon Musk Index +8.5%
  9. Play-to-Earn +8%
  10. DeFi Protocol Index +7.5%

The average profitability of our projects for the last week was 11.25%! Bank deposits will not give such a return in a year. Therefore, invest in promising projects with us and earn on ECOS portfolios!

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