What is The SandBox?


27 October

What is sandbox

What is The Sandbox Game

Technology does not stand still and is developing more and more every day. We are approaching a new, innovative era of the Web 3.0 Internet. And the virtual world is the main component of the new generation. Today we will talk about the world of The Sandbox. You will learn how it works, what you can do in it and which celebrities are already promoting this project. So, what is the sandbox metaverse?

Who created the project

The Sandbox project was founded in 2011 by Eurogroup Consulting France employee Arthur Madrid and project manager at 1-Click Media Sebastien Borge. Already in 2012, the game was available for iOS, and soon appeared on Android.

In 2015, the Sandbox Evolution arcade constructor was introduced, in which it was possible to create simple 2D worlds. These creations, developed by the studio Pixowl Inc, were taken as the basis for the creation of the current The Sandbox.

In 2018, after Animoca Brands bought out Pixowl Inc, developers have been working on creating a virtual world. In 2020, the marketplace was available, and the virtual world appeared in 2021.

The platform continues to improve, and the developers promise to add many new features. Collaborations with global stars such as Snoop Dogg and brands such as adidas contributed to this rapid growth. In the fall of 2021, The Sandbox managed to attract a large investment of $93,000,000 from SoftBank and other well-known organizations.

The Sandbox ecosystem

The Sandbox is a metaverse developed on the Ethereum blockchain with cubic graphics, similar to the world-famous game Minecraft (that’s why some people ask what is sandbox game).  Participants of the virtual world are engaged in its development by building various structures on their lands. Each player owns their territories, which are LAND NFT tokens.

Also, users have the opportunity to create their own games or other items in the format of non-fungible tokens within the metaverse. Thus, the players themselves are engaged in filling the virtual world. You can buy or sell these NFTs on the in-game marketplace. To purchase land or other objects, you must have SAND utility tokens.

Purchased lands already have basic items, but the owners create new objects and transform their territories. The entire virtual world of The Sand metaverse is divided into 166,464 branches, with a size of 96 sq. m. Voxel is what the meta universe consists of.

There are four main types of land scales. The first and smallest type includes a territory with 9 branches. The second type is the middle one, which contains 36 branches. The last two – large and huge, have 144 and 576 branches, respectively.

Project Features

The Sandbox platform is a GameFi project where users earn money by playing. To get into the virtual world, you will first need to register. Next, connect the Web3 wallet, enter your data and that’s it – you are registered. All players receive standard icons, but they can easily change them to their own.

But the creativity doesn’t end there. You have the ability to build real estate, create a virtual item, and even change the terrain of your branch. For all this, the platform offers to use 2 creative tools: Game Maker and VoxEdit.

To create your own mini-games and applications within the metaverse, you need to use Game Maker, as it is compatible with both interactive and static items. The Game Maker software package is quite easy to use. In it, you build your property based on items created in VoxEdit. Once built, you have the option to share it with other The Sandbox players.

If in Game Maker you create entire games, then in VoxEdit you can model simple objects from voxels. It’s like assembling LEGO as voxels of different colors are combined into one creation. The created object can be either a large animal or a tree, or a cap or a ring. You can also create your own icons in the VoxEdit program.

It is worth noting that all the items you create are NFT tokens that you can sell on the in-game marketplace. This is a great way to make money and is used by many The Sandbox players. But you can also buy the buildings of other players and implement them in your branches. There is also the possibility of renting buildings in which various events can be held. You can also make good profits from this.


The Sandbox uses three main tokens: ASSETS, LAND and SAND. We said earlier that all player-created items are ERC-1155 type NFT tokens. In The Sandbox they are called ASSETS.

Other NFTs like ERC-721 are LAND. Based on the name, one can understand that they represent the lands of the virtual world. The emission of LAND is 166,464 tokens, because there are the same number of branches in the metaverse. These tokens are bought at online auctions, which began in 2019.

They also plan to use LAND and SAND tokens as voting rights. It will be held to make important decisions, for example, the further development of The Sandbox.

SAND is an ERC-20 utility token and is used to buy and sell all in-game assets. The emission is 3,000,000,000 tokens. At the time of writing, SAND’s capitalization is $2,750,000,000. When you create a virtual item, you pay a 5% commission to the platform, a share of which goes towards promoting the platform. You can also participate in staking SAND tokens, then you get the opportunity to win CATALYST and GEM (expensive resources of The Sandbox).

SAND cryptocurrency rate and its prospects

Considering that The Sandbox metaverse is a lot of lands, it becomes clear that the platform receives most of the profit from their sale, which will take place until 2023.

It is worth noting that in 2021 alone, the project earned over $80,000,000 from the territory trade. Roadmap also promises that a mobile version of the virtual world will become available in the fourth quarter of 2022. And in the third quarter, the developers promise to hold the first concerts in the metaverse. In addition, the developers promise improvements to Game Maker and VoxEdit.

The Sandbox became popular quickly after it became known that rapper Snoop Dogg bought land in The Sandbox. More than 180 branches that bordered on Snoop Dogg’s holdings were sold by the platform for 437,103 SAND tokens, or $2,160,000 at the time of the transaction. Well-known companies such as Gucci are also seizing the moment and entering the metaverse. You can also use the purchased Gucci items in the virtual world of The Sandbox.

In conclusion

The era of the metaverse is steadily approaching, and The Sandbox is a good choice. The project follows a clearly defined plan and is constantly evolving. Collaboration with world-class companies and personalities only proves the success of The Sandbox and there will be less people who ask “what is the sandbox metaverse?”.

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