ECOS Infrastructure

Meet enthusiasts and create your own product
from scratch under the supervision of global experts.
Find the team to develop specific blockchain
and AI tools and integrate them with your business.
Labs, R&D Centers, and all the necessary tools are at your disposal.
Be ahead of the pack!

ECOS Community members gets access to all the necessary tools to develop, prototype and launch IT-products and introduce them to international markets.

ECOS Infrastructure includes:

Big Data & AI Infrastructure

ECOS Data center, a server space and computing power, for working with Big Data, deployment of neural networks, launching and implementation of cloud solutions.

Blockchain Infrastructure

A data storage platform embodying the value of the blockchain technology, with architecture that can be easily adapted to modern technologies and use cases. The ECOS ecosystem will give each participant the opportunity to interact with this tool through a SDK and open APIs.

Innovation Hub

The platform for finding promising ideas, development of breakthrough technological solutions, and for exploring and implementation of business models in different fields of activity.

Wallet & Payment Instrument

WPI will be used to manage the portfolio of assets available to businesses and users within the ECOS ecosystem and beyond. The product will provide the means of storing and managing fiat assets, crypto assets, tokens, income from any projects within ECOS.

Scoring & Rating Instrument

The rating system helps to accelerate the selection of tools, services, and partners necessary for a particular business, and to monitor the reliability of counterparties and the quality of services.

Identity & Compliance Instrument

ECOS ID is an interface for a unified platform for identifying participants of various levels, including the regulator. With the help of ICI, the participants in each business process will be verified; storage and access to data will be regulated in accordance with legal regulations.