Marketplaces based on ECOS ecosystem
include ready-made business and investment solutions.

ECOS Marketplaces are also the platforms for the creation and integration of new products and services, and their further expansion to international markets. They contribute to creating innovative development strategies and to emerging of stable synergies as well as form an area with favourable conditions for investment.


Plug&Play solutions
for business integration
and investment

Mutual and free integration of the services within the ecosystem


Online and offline
networking with
ECOS Community

Currently developing:

GovTech Marketplace

The marketplace for public service and administrative governance tech solutions. The framework of this marketplace includes new products’ development, update and integration of the existing ones.

MedTech Marketplace

The aim of this marketplace is to enable the development of IT-products necessary for process optimization in healthcare and pharmacology and streamline the interaction between medical staff and patients.

TravelTech Marketplace

Travel services market platform bringing IT-solutions for both suppliers and consumers in the industry. It is expected that those IT-solutions will help to lower prices and eliminate mediation within the market.

RetailTech Marketplace

Specific marketplace for retail sector bringing the solutions for business operations in the companies selling goods and rendering services. The scope of those task includes resource and performance optimization. It will also bring innovative solutions for support, training and comprehensive lead generation.