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ECOS Mining offers an End-to-End solution for miners and cryptofarmers. No matter if you are an experienced miner or just buying your first device, ECOS is bringing you its tools and expertise necessary to carry out any project.

Our Mining Center is located in the Free Economic Zone in Hrazdan, at Hrazdan Thermal Power Plant. Our state of the art farm is located in the Cooling Tower which allows us to decrease cooling and ventilation costs by 30%.

Host your own devices or buy directly from us and we will take care of security and maintenance. Once we have reached a substantial amount of devices, a mining pool will be launched.

What do we do?

Градирня в Свободной
экономической зоне Армении

Our Mining Center is located inside the Cooling Tower at Hrazdan Thermal Power Plant, Hrazdan, Armenia.
It is located in ECOS Free Economic Zone, established jointly by ECOS and the Goverment of Armenia in August 2018.

0% income tax
for all FEZ residents
during 25 years

0% sales tax
for all FEZ residents
during 25 years

0% customs duties
for FEZ residents
during 25 years

Low-cost infrastructure maintenance

Use our IT-infrastructure
instead of creating yours

Aerodynamics of the Cooling Tower
allow to cut costs on heat removing

One of the cheapest electricity tariffs
in the world

No marketing costs,
our projects say it all

Why choose us?

Two independent powerhouses and high-voltage networks

24/7 tech support

18 °C — the average yearly temperature inside the facility

200 MW available for mining purposes

Security service and security systems at the facility

Data security systems with failure-proof encryption

Guided tours around the FEZ and Cooling Tower

Reputable partners and service providers for the whole facility