ECOS Company

We have Cloud Mining, Equipment, Hosting, Wallet and Exhanger.

For Investors

ECOS company was founded in 2017 in Armenia.

The basis was the idea of creating a Free Economic Zone in Armenia for high-tech IT startups based on blockchain technology and AI (Artificial intelligence).

In October 2018, an agreement on the establishment of a Free Economic Zone in Armenia was signed between ECOS and the Government of Armenia.

In December 2018, the Free Economic Zone was launched in Armenia to develop the digital cluster, including support and development of mining infrastructure.

Investment relation

The formation of trusting relationships between shareholders, investors and top managers
Monitoring and analyzing the structure of shareholders and lenders to reduce risks and prevent raider attacks
Providing feedback to obtain information from financial markets, important for adjusting the strategy and management of the organization;
Regulation of business processes in the framework of interaction with shareholders and potential investors for competent positioning of the company in the market
Establishing the process of attracting investments
Identification of shareholders and investors

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