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We have created Scoring & Rating Instrument allowing to provide the best online and offline networking experience ever. Imagine, you are at a meeting with a future business partner, he brought a CV with him and gave it to you. You can find out everything about his experience, projects, and read reviews from his colleagues. That's how our Scoring & Rating system works, and its name come from the banking because the algorhythms are quite similar. We rate our users, experts, teams, and products in our marketplaces.

ECOS presents a comprehensive HR tool for those who pick their staff and business partners by themselves and want to see their true CV. Their professional history may be analyzed by algorithms or AI to indicate possible risks and present you the best option, depending on your requirements.


find specialists and service providers

Pick the best in the market basing upon their reputation in ECOS Community

Measure your expertise
and submit your CV to the decentralized platform with user ratings.

Blockchain based ledger tracking,
ECOS Community activity within the ecosystem, analysing and it and automatically building ratings