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What is more profitable: buying or mining?

Why investing in cloud mining is better than investing in buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin reached an ATH (All Time High) from 2018 and is trading above $16,000. Against the backdrop of such rapid growth, it becomes risky to invest in purchasing Bitcoin. Many crypto-investors, watching the growing rate of cryptocurrency, are exposed to global excitement and invest in Bitcoin at a high rate. During such periods, there is a risk that the price of Bitcoin will start to correct and investors will suffer losses.

Investors who bought Bitcoin earlier, at this time can fix profits, but some experts have concerns that BTC will repeat the dynamics of 2017 — after the rapid growth there can be a short correction. So how to stay away from any losses at least partly, if you want to invest in bitcoin, but do not want to take such risks? The optimal solution is cloud mining.

So what are the main advantages of investing in cloud mining contracts:

1. When investing in buying BTC, you need to understand fundamental analysis to know when it’s best to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Cloud mining almost eliminates this need for investors. When buying cloud contracts, the income becomes passive: the company takes over the maintenance, repair and tuning of the miners, while the clients simply withdraw the profit;

2. Miners can hedge risks by selling BTC during growth and buying new contracts when prices fall, which becomes cheaper, or simply store the cryptocurrency in a safe wallet until growth resumes;

3. In addition, in current conditions of Blockchain hashrate, when you buy mining contracts, it turns out that the BTC price will be lower than if you buy it on the crypto exchange. If you invest $2,000, you can only buy 0.13 BTC for this amount. But you can mine twice as much — 0.3 BTC for the same amount of money. You can check it in the ECOS online calculator.

4. Buying bitcoin in the exchanger you run the risk of hitting on the so-called «dirty» bitcoin, which was involved in questionable operations. Such cryptocurrency may be recognized as illegal and your account will be blocked. At the same time, cloud contracts are based on computing power and provide their owners with only pure BTC. This way, they avoid suspicious transactions and all mined BTC remain safe.

Thus, investments in cloud mining are more flexible, profitable and secure, especially over long periods.

Buy ECOS cloud mining contracts and increase your return on investment in cryptocurrency. Be more prudent — do not give in to the hype, because the higher the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency, the greater the risk of losses. But in case of growth, the profitability from cloud mining will only be increased.

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