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A new short-term investment opportunity based on the most promising market trends and signals identified by our analysts

  • Short-term and high-risk
  • Based on the most promising market trends
  • Starting from $100
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Crypto Investment Indexes

Explore a wide range of Indexes crafted with unique signals, investment sums, and duration characteristics. Choose the one that suits you best.

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster

  • lpt
  • wld
  • manta
$250+ 3 day


  • link
  • stx
  • amp
$250+ 1 day


  • xrp
  • fil
  • trx
$200+ 0.25 day
Fast Move

Fast Move

  • xrp
  • trx
  • xlm
$150+ 1 day


  • ghst
  • magic
$300+ 5 day
Yesterday Low

Yesterday Low

  • mbl
  • sc
  • avax
$100+ 2 day
Weekly Low

Weekly Low

  • firo
  • lsk
$250+ 4 day
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

  • nmr
  • grt
  • wld
$300+ 5 day

Information about various investment opportunities provided on this website is based on the latest trends and signals, and this information provided is only for informational purposes, meanwhile it should not be construed as investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any products or assets. ECOS-M СJSC does not guarantee the result of investments that are based on the information provided by ECOS-M CJSC and is not responsible for any changes in the market conditions. Any decision to buy any particular asset is solely your own, and you assume all responsibility for the investment decisions you make, for any legal or tax issues that may arise or gains or losses that may result.

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Any other questions?

What are Growth Signals?

ECOS Growth Signals act as your guide to the crypto world! Our experts work non-stop, studying the market for key signals and trends. This helps to choose the most promising projects for our special Indexes.

How do I choose an index?

There is a wide variety of Indexes. Choose an Index according to its features: investment signal, the entry sum, duration, and the “take profit” indicator.

How much does it cost to get started?

The minimum investment starts from $100.

Is there a maximum investment limit for Index funds?

No, there’s no investment limit. Users can invest from $100 to any amount.

How can I buy an index?

Go to ECOS App and invest in any Index using USDT.

How many indexes can I buy?

We don’t limit our customers, you can buy as many indexes as you want!

Still have questions?

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