ECOS 6 years of success

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ECOS 6 years of success

ECOS Marks 6 Years of Crypto Success with over 450k Clients and Ambitious Expansion Plans

In 2017, ECOS emerged with the backing of the Armenian government, on a mission to propel crypto innovation within the nation.

And today, ECOS boasts a robust data center, powered by a reliable 200 MW supply of clean and affordable electricity from Armenian high-voltage networks. This full-fledged infrastructure guarantees nearly 100% uptime of bitcoin mining, while also consuming over 40% of all the sustainable energy produced in Armenia.

Fast forward to 2023, and ECOS has evolved into an all-on-one crypto ecosystem, complete with its bitcoin mining facilities, maintenance center, and product development hub, serving clients hailing from 80+ countries worldwide.

Diverse Crypto Investment Products

ECOS’s platform now hosts an array of products designed to cater to investors with various investment strategies and risk appetites, from passive income tools to high risk. Here are some of the highlights:


  1. Cloud Mining: ECOS makes mining Bitcoin simple and affordable for anyone. Clients get their first mining rewards in 24 hours without any technical expertise or expensive equipment. Cloud mining from ECOS eliminates the complexities associated with traditional mining and provides clients with low-risk and long-term investment opportunities. Using ECOS online profitability calculator, investors also can estimate the expected returns based on the contracts criteria selected. 
  2. Mining Farm: For those who are ready to boost their mining efficiency and want to buy ASIC miners, ECOS offers a comprehensive solution to build their own mining farms. Clients can purchase various models of ASICs and enjoy transparent and efficient management of bitcoin mining. Meanwhile ECOS takes care of all the technical hassle, including delivery, customs clearance, installation, and maintenance.


  1. Crypto Growth Signals: Recently ECOS has launched short-term crypto indexes, a smart product for high risk investments. ECOS analysts constantly monitor the market trends to find highly volatile signals and build crypto indexes based on them. Investing in these ready-made indexes saves valuable time. Instead of researching and managing individual assets, ECOS clients can explore selected signals and invest in the related index with just a few clicks. Moreover, indexes allow clients to diversify crypto holdings and gain exposure to a broad range of cryptocurrencies without the need for individual coins management.


  1. All-in-One App:
    ECOS offers an all-in-one superapp that serves as a comprehensive platform for managing cryptocurrency-related activities. With user-friendly interfaces and secure storage for digital assets, this app simplifies the crypto experience. The wallet and crypto exchange provide clients with all the necessary functionality to buy and sell crypto assets and get up-to-date market insights with real-time token rate updates. 


Upcoming Plans

We have big plans for the future, expanding its product line and adapting to the industry growth. It will include the launch of new fixed income products and significant changes to the offering of Bitcoin mining machines. Wallet will include more currencies to serve a broader range of countries.

As ECOS celebrates its remarkable six-year journey, they invite new users to explore their exclusive promotion, offering a bonus of 6 TH/s for a 20 TH/s cloud mining contract. Visit ECOS website for further details.

Stay tuned, because next week, ECOS plans to unveil a highly anticipated new product, shrouded in secrecy.


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