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For those who choose a cloud mining provider, the history of the company and its legality are very important. No wonder, because they trust the company with their funds and hopes for the future. In our articles, we ourselves often recommend checking providers and choosing reliable partners that have been on the market for a long time. Therefore, we have prepared a brief history of ECOS!

ECOS was founded in Hrazdan, Armenia in 2017. Yes, we have been working on the cryptocurrency market for more than 5 years. Sometimes it seems that we are the oldest team on the market, but in this context it’s cool. Why Razdan? The fact is that the Hrazdan hydroelectric power station is located near this city, with which in February 2018 we signed a direct agreement on the power supply of the data center with a total capacity of up to 200 MW. This has enabled us to provide equipment with stable and cheap energy at a special price, and provide customers with a profitable and reliable product for the next years.

In August of the same year, together with the Ministry of Economic Development of Armenia, we established a Free Economic Zone in the city of Hrazdan and became the operator of the free economic zone. The purpose of the participation of the Armenian government in this project was to stimulate foreign direct investment and the investment attractiveness of the country, as well as to create jobs and export-oriented IT products. The goal of ECOS was to create preferential economic conditions and tax exemptions, which made it possible to provide customers with even more favorable mining conditions (no one else in the world has such conditions).

With the growth in the number of equipment and attracted users, ECOS opened offices in Yerevan and Moscow. And in January 2020, we entered into a partnership agreement with the Russian concern Rosenergoatom on the placement of mining equipment on the territory of the Kalinin NPP in Udomlya. However, the expansion of the company did not end there.

Having expanded the geography of our presence, we decided to expand the list of services provided, and in 2021, a wallet, an exchanger and crypto portfolios were added to cloud mining. Also, for the convenience of old users and attracting new ones, we launched our own mobile application, available in the App Store and Google Play. Over a hundred thousand people have already downloaded it in one year.

And what other results have we achieved during this time? Here are some facts:

  1. 300,000+ customers worldwide
  2. 173+ countries of our customers
  3. 5,000,000+ completed transactions
  4. 1,000+ giveaways held
  5. 2,000+ auctions held
  6. 200+ employees worldwide
  7. 1st place for Cloud mining in all search engines
  8. 5,000+ articles about us

We continue our crypto expansion and hope that you will also join the number of ECOS users, because we are honest, reliable and profitable. Check it out for yourself right now!

If you planned to start mining, you can do it right now! Buy a contract from $100 and check your profit daily in the personal account!

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