ECOS weekly analytical report

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ECOS weekly analytical report

🕐 Week in Review

Bybit and open offices in Dubai

  1. Digital asset investment inflows totaled $193 million last week, the largest since mid-December 2021
  1. The token GMT app, which rewards the user on a “move to earn” basis more than doubled in the last week
  1. Ethereum-sidechain Ronin was hacked. Attacker withdrew $625 million worth of crypto-assets!
  1. Now let’s have a look at the situation of crypto assets performance over the last week

Total capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has increased by 1.9% over the week and amounts to 2 trillion 157 billion USD

Top gainers among ECOS portfolios over the last week:

  1. DeFi Protocols Index +20%
  2. Soros Index +17%
  3. Buffet Index +17%
  4. Digital Future +14.5%
  5. DAO Index +14%
  6. Blue Ocean Index +11.5%

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