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When it comes to Web3 marketing, the pursuit of quick results can be tempting. However, at ECOS, we firmly believe in the power of a sustainable marketing strategy that prioritizes long-term growth and customer satisfaction. Let’s explore our approach and the key areas we focus on, using a cautionary tale as an example.


The Chickenfast Lesson

Several years ago, a crypto cloud mining company called Chickenfast burst onto the scene with a massive marketing campaign. Their advertisements were ubiquitous, appearing in paid ratings and garnering attention from numerous influencers. However, their sudden disappearance revealed their fraudulent nature, having scammed unsuspecting investors. This serves as a reminder that achieving rapid results shouldn’t be the sole focus when building a Web3 project.


Content Creation and Product Development

At ECOS, we understand that sustainable growth starts with product development and creating valuable content. We invest in optimizing our website, maintaining an informative blog, and enhancing our search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Additionally, we emphasize engaging social media content and have developed a  YouTube channel and a podcast to drive traffic and deliver lasting value.


Paid Ads and Media Engagement

While platforms like Google and Facebook have limitations for crypto advertising, we acknowledge the potential of media advertising. However, we approach it with a long-term perspective. Our focus is on onboarding new users and nurturing their interest through captivating content, social media engagement, and targeted email campaigns. We understand that the impact of paid ads can extend beyond the initial registration, with users making purchases years after their first exposure. Furthermore, securing media coverage plays a vital role in building brand awareness, and we invest time and effort into engaging with journalists and delivering compelling newsbreaks.


Influencer Collaboration and Community Building

Collaborating with influential figures is a key aspect of our marketing strategy. Rather than spreading our resources thin across numerous small bloggers, we prioritize engaging prominent influencers by providing the budget they require. This approach has proven to yield better results and helps us establish meaningful connections within the community. Furthermore, we understand the importance of building a vibrant community around our project. We focus on nurturing strong ideas and providing incentives that keep users engaged and motivated to raise awareness of our brand within similar communities where they interact.


The Chickenfast example serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us of the importance of a long-term strategy in Web3 marketing. At ECOS, we are committed to a sustainable approach that prioritizes product development, valuable content creation, influencer collaboration, media engagement, and community building. By focusing on long-term growth and customer satisfaction, we strive to provide exceptional value and ensure the success of our project.

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