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We invite you to play the game of intuition based on Football World Cup results!

Every day we will be posting the polls where you would have to guess which football teams win during the day.

  1. Each single correct guess gets 1 score
  2. 2 correct guesses get 3 scores
  3. 3 correct guesses get 7 scores
  4. 4 correct guesses get 10 scores

The 10 winners with the maximum amount of scores will be identified on December 19.

All the winners will get free Bitcoin mining contracts.

The winners will additionally get:

  1. 1 place – 30% discount
  2. 2 and 3places – 20% discount
  3. 4 and 5 places – 10% discount
  4. 5-10 places – 5% discount

The results with your scores will be updated here

You would need to post your guesses in ECOS Telegram channel
No editing is allowed!

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