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– Tell us a little bit about yourself

– I’m a 38 years old French man involved in cryptocurrency from 2014 (not less) and with passion for all new technology.

– How many years have you been working in ECOS?

– I’m working in ECOS for almost 1 year

– What do you like the most about ECOS?

– Certainly, I can say that we have an application with a lot of services inside. So it is for all people who like to manage everything in one application. You can have mining, you can have portfolios, you can trade, you can do a lot of things just with one application. 

Are you using ECOS services yourself?

– Yes, I’m using ECOS services for sure. I have started with cloud mining and I also have a device that is mining for me. 

– What is your favorite cryptocurrency?

Actually, my favorite cryptocurrency is not Bitcoin. For myself, it’s Ethereum. Why? Watch the full video with Philippe below 🙂 

“Don’t waste your time to think. Invest, it’s affordable!”

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