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True or false game

Guys, we invite you to participate in our TRUE/FALSE game!

What do you need to do?

You have to FIND 4 TRUE FACTS about ECOS and the world of cryptocurrencies

Write the RIGHT NUMBERS in comments (For eg 3,5,6)
Wait for the results to be announced tomorrow

The winner will be chosen by a randomizer and will receive a Bitcoin mining contract. But remember, only correct answers will count!

1️⃣ ECOS has its mining facilities in Armenia
2️⃣ The first created cryptocurrency is Ethereum
3️⃣ BTC was introduced in 2015
4️⃣ The creator of Bitcoin is still unknown
5️⃣ The first product in ECOS is Cloud mining
6️⃣ BTC is the only cryptocurrency in the world nowadays
7️⃣ If you have a birthday, you can get a bonus from ECOS

Write your answers in the comments!

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