The Game Results and the correct answers

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The Game Results and the correct answers

Watch the video to see who the winner is

1) ECOS has been on market already for 5 years

✅ It’s true! ECOS is operating since 2017! 

2) The first created cryptocurrency is Ethereum

❌ The first created cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, not Ethereum ? BTC appeared in 2009, so this statement is incorrect 

3) BTC was introduced in 2015

❌ It’s wrong! Look at the statement above – BTC was created in 2009! 

4) The creator of Bitcoin is still unknown

✅ It’s true! No one really knows who is behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto that has been credited as developing the world’s first and largest, cryptocurrency – Bitcoin 

5) The first product in ECOS is Cloud mining

✅ It’s true! Cloud mining in ECOS has appeared in 2019 after the development of the system was finished! 

6) BTC is the only cryptocurrency in the world nowadays

❌ No, of course not! The total number of cryptocurrencies at the end of January this year exceeded 17.2 thousand! 

By the way, pay attention to ECOS portfolios, where you can invest in the most popular coins ?

7) If you have a birthday, you can get a bonus from ECOS

✅ Sure! You can buy any BTC mining contract during your Birthday week and get extra 7 days added to your purchased contract!

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