Weddings in Metaverse: is it possible?

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Weddings in the metaverse

Weddings in virtual worlds are gaining popularity. With the advent of the Metaverse, the demand for wedding ceremonies in the digital world has grown even more. There are a lot of people who want to participate and these are different audiences.  

Who now prefers to have a wedding in the Metaverse

At the moment, weddings in the Metaverses are preferred by several categories of clients at once. These are those who do not want to formalize their relationship in a standard way, teenagers who have not yet reached the official age, those who have a lot of friends in different countries, those who want to get married again, gamers, and programmers.

Benefits of marriage in the Metaverse

Guests from all over the world can participate

Now, thanks to communication technologies, it is possible to contact others, while being thousands of kilometers away from them. Not everyone can attend a wedding ceremony anywhere on the islands. Thanks to the Metaverse, everyone can meet in one virtual world.

You can create unique locations

In the Metaverses, it is possible to represent almost any space at the request of the client. It could be the future, a planet in another galaxy, an ancient world, and so on. And, as we have learned before, anyone can see it from anywhere in the world.

There may be more than a few thousand guests

Not all locations in real life can hold a ceremony with thousands of guests, a maximum of several hundred people can be invited. The Metaverse can accommodate many thousands of invitees. It depends only on your capabilities and fantasies.

Weddings are getting gamified

The Metaverse becomes not just a place where a wedding is held, but also a location where it is possible to become a participant in various quests and receive rewards in them. This is much cooler than wedding contests.

NFT gifts 

Not everyone will be able to present a gift at a regular ceremony. NFT can be an alternative to regular gifts. Given that some of them are very valuable, the gift can be quite expensive.

Low wedding costs

To hold a standard wedding, you need to rent cars, venues, hire hosts, and prepare many different events. All this is very expensive. In the Metaverse, all costs will be spent on creating a virtual platform according to the requirements of customers.


The popularity of wedding ceremonies in the Metaverse will grow. They are much cheaper than the classic one, you can invite many guests, the virtual prenuptial agreement has the same legal force as the standard one.

Perhaps the Metaverses can become very serious competitors for ordinary weddings over the next 5-10 years. In other words, the Metaverses are changing the usual idea about other areas of our life – games, learning, investments, conferences and others.

Therefore, buying the cryptocurrencies of the most popular metaverses at the stage of the emergence of a trend can be compared to buying Bitcoin in 2012 and increasing your capital several times over.

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