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– Tell us a little bit about yourself

– I would like to start off by saying “Namaskar”, my name is Archana and I am from India! I came here to study, I recently graduated and I studied medicine so I am a doctor now…but I also work at ECOS along with that. I used to live in Mumbai for around 15 years and that’s why my Hindi is quite understandable but I am originally from Kerala, which is my native place.

– How did you join ECOS?

– It is quite an interesting story actually, as I mentioned before I studied Medicine but I understood quite young what value money holds in a persons life. And since I was in the medical field I didn’t really have much idea about how things work in the world of finances, but I was quite interested to learn more about it and that is exactly why I took a leap of faith and joined ECOS.

– Did you know about cryptocurrencies before you were hired?

– NOT AT ALL, I had no previous knowledge about cryptocurrency before I joined ECOS. Which is why I was pretty worried I wouldn’t be able to perform as well in the company after joining. But I was very confident in my “salesmanship” or sales skills as we call it and that is why I took the “leap of faith”. And it is here I learnt everything I know about cryptocurrency. 

– Do you own any crypto yourself?

– Not until now, and also never in the past… and as I said, it’s only been a while since I joined but I was pretty busy with my education, which is why I never owned any crypto. But yes, I do have some mining contracts running for me now 

– Can you tell us some interesting facts about yourself?

– I’m not sure what more I can tell you about myself… I always wanted to be financially independent, and that is why when I left India to come here I started working at a young age so that I am able to afford everything for myself including school and university. This is why I moved away from medicine and joined sales and quickly realised that I have some strong sales skills. So yes I am a doctor, a sales person and I dabble a little into the crypto world too. 

– What can you advise to ECOS subscribers?

– The biggest advice which I would like to give our clients is that, there are a lot of companies dedicated towards crypto mining and just crypto companies in general. And some of these companies do not really exist but look quite profitable to the consumer. So please make sure you do your own research about the companies especially companies where you are investing your hard earned money. And I can say this boldly because ECOS, to my knowledge is the only completely legal Bitcoin Mining company in the world. And if you are interested in crypto mining then you are more than welcome to ECOS!

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