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Investment strategy 2022

2021 is coming to its end and we congratulate those who were with us this year and who managed to get very good results! And we welcome you to 2022!

As you know it is usually recommended to invest not more than 20-25% of your savings. And you should always invest only what you can afford to lose.

But what are other, more practical recommendations that can be given to an investor in 2022?

Let us provide you with the tips in this video ?

Of course, the strategy depends on the situation in the market as well as the assets that you plan to invest in, but still, there can be several main types of strategies.

  1. When you invest in portfolios only.

In this case, we recommend paying more of your attention to such classic indices as Top 10 index, Blockchain infrastructure index- let them be up to 70% of your total investment package.

Other 30% can be given to younger and more high-risk projects with higher growth potential.

In case you receive more profit than you expected- you can sell those portfolios and spread the profit to more conservative bitcoin mining contracts or more classic crypto projects for a long-term investment. It all depends on your risk appetite.

  1. The second strategy is when you invest in btc mining + portfolios

You can spread your investment the following way: 70-80% is a BTC mining contract and 20-30% is portfolios.
When there are high fluctuations in the market bitcoin mining would anyway continue to provide you with your payouts. As for portfolios- it is the time when you can create a long-term investment position.

But don’t buy portfolios for the whole amount that you have at once! Spread it over time. For example, if you have 5000$ – buy a 1000$ portfolio each month – this will allow getting an average portfolio price that will be more attractive in the long run.
Don’t try to buy at the very bottom, as it is hard to predict. Try to spread and make it a good average price for a long-term investment.

As a mining contract would be providing you with daily revenue – you can reinvest the mined btc to add extra hash power or you can buy more portfolios with some new emerging and promising projects.

So we recommend you:

✅ To plan your investment for a long-term period(3-5 years)

✅ Diversify your investment and spread your profit btw other ECOS products

✅ Don’t try to buy at the very bottom – you never know when it comes. Try to make your portfolio’s price attractive for a long-term investment.

Follow our recommendations, be calm and mature, invest in crypto for the long-term and watch our other videos to get more tips!

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