ASIC Miner Hosting Service Provider

The most secure and safe ASIC mining hosting. New region has opened its doors for miners from all over the world.

Special peculiarities

Benefits of hosting in our data center

Our bitcoin mining hosting is full of advantages for all of your possible requests; and ready to meet your high expectations. The best conditions for your miners, round-the-clock service, 100% Up-Time*, Free Economic Zone and Government support. And all of this only with ECOS!

  • 60 MW

    Of affordable power can be facilitated in our data center. Guaranteed high yield electrical power with the potential of capacity enhancement up to 200 MW.

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  • 20 000

    Available spaces for ASIC units. Available spaces to host your mining equipment with fully customized containers. Park it, plug it, and start mining.

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  • 100% Uptime*

    Uninterrupted power supply*. Affordable and stable electricity from high-voltage networks, which makes it possible to claim almost 100% up time electricity. 24/7 functionality of your devices to never stop mining!

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  • 22 000 М²

    Total area of hosting data center. Vast space for you and your fellow miners to host your devices with great potential to expand and maintain even more containers.

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  • 24/7

    Supervision provided by qualified staff. Round-the-clock surveillance system along with expert staff taking care of your devices in a maximum security facility.

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  • 4,8 °C

    Average yearly temperature in Hrazdan. Optimal temperature and ambient settings for your miners to completely eliminate over-heating issues.

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ECOS Mining Center is located at Hrazdan Power Plant, Armenia

Free Economic Zone provides the best crypto mining hosting services: 0% taxes for export or import, 0% taxes for income, military guards, best partners, 100% legal business for miners, 100% stable maintenance, Local Maintenance Center etc. We are also providing the best client support: management of assets and miners from your mobile app, 24/7 supervision provided by our qualified staff, simple supervision of spare parts.

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