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ECOS is a Bitcoin mining ecosystem, which includes various tools that allow you to gain rewards from cryptocurrency assets.

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How Does it work?

Rent hash rate directly from the most popular ASICs to get the maximum of mining efficiency. Choose a plan and create contract in a few clicks.

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Set the farm properties and estimate its efficiency!

What do we offer?

Mine bitcoin and benefit from other crypto services in one ecosystem

ECOS will help you quickly and easily choose the right tool.

Mining Farm

Turn-key solution to start mining bitcoin, managed by ECOS.

  • Full service from production to set-up
  • Daily mining rewards
  • 24/7 service and maintenance

Cloud Mining

Previously, to mine cryptocurrencies, you had to buy equipment and then recoup its cost. ECOS allows you to start mining right now with a minimum cost threshold.

  • Minimum start-up package
  • Mining is one of the  easiest ways to get BTC
  • The best strategy is HODL (don’t sell, build up mining capacity, optimize contracts and equipment, reinvest funds).

Growth Signals

Choose the most promising coins to purchase, selected by our analysts.

  • Discover the most promising market trends and signals
  • Each index is based on signals and market trends by our experienced analysts
  • A wide range of indexes for both beginners and professionals
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Our own power plant, armed guards, strong team, the best partners and government support form our unique infrastructure that provides over 550,000 of our customers with reliability, stability, profitability and confidence in the future.

Our partners

Partnership with the largest corporations in the industry allows us to bring products and services to a new level.

  • ECOS data center is located in the Free Economic Zone. It was established with the support of the Armenian government to develop blockchain and crypto projects. It guarantees full legality and security of your assets.

  • We work with the leading multicurrency mining pool — This guarantees our clients reliable and transparent real-time mining data delivery.

  • Bitmain is our official equipment supplier. Thanks to this, we have the most efficient mining equipment.

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We are covered by the major media.

“It’s hard to beat ECOS as an easy mining solution.”

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“ECOS is a trusted cloud mining provider.”

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“ECOS is the best cloud mining service provider for beginners.”

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”The company takes full care and responsibility for the purchase of mining equipment from Bitmain”

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”Armenia, in partnership with ECOS, now has a Free Economic Zone in Hrazdan with unique conditions”

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“ECOS offers the infrastructure comprised of a power plant, data center and mining farm with Bitmain equipment.“

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More than 50,000 real reviews about the work of our products and services are an indicator of trust and reliability, for which we have been working for 5 years.


Any other questions?

What is Bitcoin mining?

Cryptocurrency mining is the generation of new coins, which is done through mathematical calculations of hash functions to carry out transactions in a cryptocurrency network. It is what BTC mining and many other cryptocurrencies are based on. All these calculations and transfers of cryptocurrency take place on the blockchain. Each blockchain has a unique hash. To calculate one block in the chain, we need to find the hash from the previous block.

Why do I need to mine BTC?

People use bitcoin mining to generate rewards. How does it work? The blockchain gives a reward to the miner for computing. The more powerful the miner’s equipment is, the more benefit he can bring to the blockchain, and the more rewards he will receive. To start generating income, you just need to select a service: cloud mining, mining rental or ASIC purchase.

Is Bitcoin mining risky?

BTC mining is the easiest way to mine cryptocurrency. It is the same as printing money for yourself. You get regular and stable rewards, while other ways of engaging with cryptocurrencies are much riskier and less predictable.

How to start mining bitcoins?

There are several ways of BTC mining: home mining, hosted mining or cloud mining. Home mining was popular at the beginning of the formation of the crypto market. Over time, the industry became more complicated, and the process became more expensive. Cloud mining has become more profitable and simpler alternative. It made it possible to mine cryptocurrencies remotely by leasing the capacity of large data centers.

ECOS offers 3 primary avenues for Bitcoin mining:

  1. Purchase of an ASIC miner hosted at ECOS data center

  2. Rent a mining rig hosted at ECOS data center

or cloud mining services.

ECOS does everything for you: manages logistics, customs clearance, installation, setup, and daily maintenance of your ASICs. You can just enjoy a hassle-free mining through your personal account.

What is a crypto mining platform?

A crypto mining platform is a website or application that allows you to mine cryptocurrencies without purchasing and maintaining hardware. You can choose a contract for mining the desired cryptocurrency and track this process on these platforms. It is also possible to withdraw money in a convenient currency. ECOS is one of the most convenient bitcoin mining platforms.

How does Bitcoin mining work in ECOS?

Previously, to mine cryptocurrencies, you had to buy equipment and then recoup its cost. ECOS allows you to start mining right now with a minimum cost threshold.

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