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ASIC Miner Rental

Rent top-notch ASIC Miners hosted at ECOS Data Centre!

  • Almost 100% uptime
  • Mining starts in 24 hours
  • Hosting fee payment: daily or monthly
  • Rent period from 12 to 36 Months

Rent best ASIC models

Choose from two payment schedules for hosting fees. You can also customize the rental duration according to your budget and outcome expectations.

ASIC S21 188TH
ASIC S21 188TH
ASIC S21 188TH
ASIC S19K Pro 115TH
ASIC S19K Pro 115TH
ASIC S19K Pro 115TH
ASIC S21 188TH
ASIC S21 188TH
ASIC S21 188TH
ASIC S19K Pro 115TH
ASIC S19K Pro 115TH
ASIC S19K Pro 115TH

These calculations provide you a forward-looking information which allows you to model potential income under certain conditions selected by you. This forward-looking information is based on a data currently available to ECOS-M, including current mining difficulty. The calculations are based on the BTC forecast to hit $90k. It's is not a guarantee of future performance and accordingly undue reliance should not be put on such information due to the inherent uncertainty therein.

Hosting Fee Details

Post-payment Mode:

The payment is deducted from the mining rewards DAILY once they are received.

Prepayment Mode:

The payment is made MONTHLY on the same day of each month as the contract's initial activation.

Hosting Fee includes:
  • electricity costs
  • 24/7 maintenance and security of ASICs in our ECOS Data Centre



Rent ASIC miners to avoid the inconvenience of purchasing and setting up an ASIC at home. You won't have to handle logistics, customs clearance, installation, maintenance or repairs for your device.


Rent mining rigs at ECOS data centers, where you'll find optimal conditions for your miners, including round-the-clock service, and special tax conditions within our Free Economic Zone.

60 MW

Benefit from 60 MW of uninterrupted power supply* in our data center, with affordable and stable electricity from high-voltage networks, ensuring nearly 100% uptime. Keep your devices running 24/7 for continuous mining operations.


More Questions

Know more about ASIC Rent.

What Is ASIC Miner Rental?

ASIC Miner Rental offers ASIC leasing for Bitcoin mining for a limited period of time. There are three rental duration options: 12, 24, and 36 months. You have the flexibility to cover hosting fees through two payment methods: post-payment (daily) or prepayment (monthly). Bitcoin mining starts immediately after service activation.

What Are the Costs Involved in ASIC Miner Rental?

The costs consist of two parts: rental price and hosting fees that cover electricity, maintenance costs, and power supply. They depend on the ASIC model (115Th/188Th) and the chosen rental period (12, 24, 36 months). However, there are no additional costs beyond the rental and hosting fees. In case of breakdown or malfunction, the ASIC will be replaced with a new one for free.

How to Rent an ASIC Miner?

To rent an ASIC Miner, follow these steps:
Choose an ASIC model available for rent and fee payment method based on your budget;
Register or log in to the ECOS website;
Select the desired number of ASICs and preferred payment method;
After 24 hours, the ASIC will be activated, and you’ll start receiving your mining rewards.

What Is the Difference Between Post-Payment and Prepayment Fees?

You can select the payment schedule option that suits you best – post payment mode or prepayment mode.
Postpayment: The payment is deducted from the mining rewards DAILY once they are received. Prepayment: The payment is made MONTHLY on the same day as the contract’s initial activation.

Where Will the Rented ASIC Miner Be Located?

The ASIC Miners are located at the powerful and green ECOS Data Center in Hrazdan, Armenia, offering:
Intelligent management systems for highly efficient BTC mining;
Experienced team of engineers;
Nearly 100% uptime;
On-site power generation;
24/7 maintenance and security;
Advanced cooling systems.

How Do I Claim and Monitor My Rewards?

Reward Transfer: Bitcoin rewards are transferred to your personal ECOS wallet address within 24 hours of service activation.
Monitoring: Track your mining progress and output in real-time through your personal account on the ECOS website or ECOS App.

How Can I Estimate the Income From ASIC Miner Rental?

When assessing the income potential, consider the following factors: Static Mining Output, breakeven days, and Static Mining Output ratio.
These calculations are based on a BTC forecast of reaching $90k. However, it’s important to note that this forecast doesn’t guarantee future performance, and relying too heavily on such information may not be advisable due to inherent uncertainties.

How is ASIC Miner Rental Different From Buying?

Low entry cost: Renting ASIC starts at $1 600, allowing you to mine Bitcoin without a significant upfront investment;
Flexible periods: Choose 12, 24, or 36-month terms;
Flexible payment schedules for hosting fees: Monthly prepayment or daily post-payment;
Instant Mining: Start mining in 24 hours after activation;
No extra installation and repair costs;
No technical hassle.