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Build Your Own Mining Farm

Managed by ECOS:
the BTC mining industry leader
  • Daily income of mined BTC
  • Starting from $3 000
  • Long-term and low-risk investment
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BTC mining farm


Maximize your profitability with a powerful mining farm
Mining Farm Promo
ASICs September's Offer
Purchase 5 devices and get a $2500 discount
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per Asic
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Create and order your mining farm

Set the farm properties and estimate its efficiency
Quick Guide

Build a mining farm in 3 steps

Create the farm...
Choose the farm mining power in the ECOS apps and order it.
...launched by ECOS...
Our team installs and connects the farm to the ECOS Data Center.
...and get BTC Rewards
Receive BTC rewards daily and monitor them in the app dashboards.

How does it work?

Willing to invest more than $100k?
We will give you the best price in the market.
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Bitcoin miners with hosting package
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