What are the most profitable BTC miners after Halving?


23 May

The most profitable miners after halving

In April 2024, a significant event for the entire cryptocurrency industry took place:  Bitcoin Halving. Occurring roughly every four years, this event slashes the reward for mining new Bitcoin blocks in half. The purpose of the Halving is to control Bitcoin’s inflation rate and ensure a finite supply of the cryptocurrency, capping it at 21 million coins. As a result, the network difficulty for mining doubles, making it more challenging to mine new Bitcoin and reducing the rewards received by miners.

Currently, the average Full Pay Per Share (FPPS) value stands at 0.00000078 BTC, with the Bitcoin rate soaring to $70,000. This means that for each terahash (TH) of mining power, miners can expect to earn approximately $0.055 per day. But what does this mean for the profitability of different generations of Bitcoin mining hardware, specifically the Bitmain Antminer series?

The Profitability of Different Antminer Generations

Let’s break down the monthly profitability of various Bitmain Antminer models, factoring in the cost of electricity.

S19 Series: Unfortunately, these older generation ASIC miners are not profitable at the moment. The increased difficulty and halved rewards mean that they now bring losses to their owners.

K Pro: These models bring in some profit, but generally, it’s less than $50 per month.

S21 Series: The standout performer in the current market, these miners allow to get an income of more than $100 per month, ensuring a return on investment even with the current Bitcoin rate.

Static mining output


What Does It Take for Mining to Be Profitable?

Given the current conditions, it’s crucial to understand what the minimum required Bitcoin rate should be for mining to become profitable. By “minimum required,” we mean the Bitcoin rate at which the monthly rewards fully cover the electricity costs. Let’s see what this looks like:

S19 Series: These devices will only become profitable if the Bitcoin rate rises to between $72,000 and $82,000, depending on the specific model. Any rate below this range, they cause losses.

S21 Series: These models are far more resilient to fluctuations in the Bitcoin rate. Even the model with the lowest hashrate, the S21 188TH, can still generate income if the Bitcoin rate drops to $46,000. In contrast, S19 generation ASICs need Bitcoin to be at least $72,000 to break even.

Min btc/usd rate

Why the S21 Series Is a Game Changer

The S21 series of ASIC miners is designed to withstand the volatile nature of Bitcoin prices, offering consistent profitability even when the market experiences downturns. The S21 188TH model, in particular, stands out as the most profitable and reliable choice for miners looking to maximize their earnings.

Let’s compare the income these devices can generate at current BTC levels and at the peak of a bullish trend. The S21 series can guarantee earnings from $330 up to $450 per month, even after covering electricity costs.

For those interested in exploring this opportunity further, you can check out the links to buy or rent  an S21.

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The Bitcoin Halving event has significantly impacted mining profitability, especially for older generation miners. However, the Bitmain Antminer S21 series offers a robust solution, ensuring profitability and return on investment even in the face of market volatility. For miners looking to upgrade their hardware and maximize their earnings, the S21 series presents an ideal choice.

Now is the perfect time to invest in a powerful BTC mining machine and start your journey in the crypto market. Remember, the earlier you start, the more you will mine. 

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