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Crypto universities

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that use cryptographic encryption to guarantee their ownership and ensure the integrity of transactions, and control the creation of additional units. These currencies are characterized by being decentralized, that is, they do not have institutional support and are governed by supply-demand. Now people want to start cryptocurrency courses. 

In its beginnings, the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was completely worthless due to low demand and therefore the lack of exchanges. Starting in 2010 with the establishment of, the value began its meteoric rise as the exchange house began to operate.

Thus, the coin has progressively gone from having a value to obtaining one of 44,093.60USD at the time of writing this article. The value of the currency has been subject to constant variations, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic it has exploded in popularity, and according to Lilian Camacho (2022) Financial Manager of Softland Mexico “investors are considering them as a refuge to face the reactivation of post-pandemic activities and the uncertainty that this generates.”

It is important to mention that Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency, gradually more currencies have joined, each with different characteristics and protocols. According to trading volume, these are, in order, the top five cryptocurrencies: Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and BNB (BNB).

All these currencies use blockchain, a shared accounting record that provides security and prevents plagiarism with its technology. In turn, it maintains an unalterable record of crypto-transactions that does not allow operations to be undone, so to cancel them, the opposite action must be applied.

Implementation of cryptocurrencies in universities

Noticing the general interest in these new decentralized options, several universities and business schools are beginning to offer courses to study cryptocurrencies and their implications in today’s economy. To clarify the landscape and select the best courses, researchers from CoinDesk, Stanford Uni, and MIT ranked 230 schools around the world according to specific factors: academic impact, existing offerings for blockchain learning, employment outcomes, and industry. , cost of attendance, and general academic reputation.

In a short time bitcoin has been adopted by much of the international community. In a staggered manner, it has managed to sneak into the payment options of different companies and businesses. But one of the great feats of this cryptocurrency is that it managed to be accepted among the payment options of prestigious crypto colleges in the world.

The crypto-ecosystem is advancing by leaps and bounds, while world finance continues to modify its paradigms to adapt to the new way of doing business, which is why every day more people require Blockchain Technology experts who can provide them with your professional services.

Until now, self-education has prevailed when it comes to learning about cryptocurrencies or blockchain. However, more and more recognized universities and platforms have begun to include among their academic programs, curricula related to operations with digital assets, in order to certify professionals who understand the mechanics of the operation of blockchains and can provide expert knowledge.

Сryptocurrency courses

Specifically, in San Carlos, a city located in Cojedes, the Universidad de los Llanos de Venezuela presented an academic program that intends to include a career in blockchain technology and the crypto market in its curriculum. This new project is being studied and analyzed and they estimate that by 2022 it will be available to receive students.

As announced by the same university, the blockchain technology and crypto market academic program is strongly supported by numerous academic authorities from Unellez and also vice-chancellors. In addition, it is promoted by important student groups such as the Federation of University Students of Venezuela, the Career Innovation Authority and Regency, and the Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts Network.

Regarding the rest of the Latin American countries, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Colombia already have at least one university that provides this type of training based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, to meet the growing demand for young people with this knowledge by the industries.

According to a report by the American cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase Inc., more than 20 universities of the 50 most recognized worldwide have an academic course on this new technology or the digital currency market included in their curriculum.

Blockchain: what to study?

Blockchain specialties and cryptocurrency college courses are divided into different categories, depending on the job activity you want to perform, developer, instructor, analyst, consultant or broker. One of the most popular careers is the one taught by the Technological University of Argentina, which, through an online course, educates on how blockchains work and how it influences cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. 

However, its main objective is to ensure that its graduates understand the operation of crypto-assets in trading and the interaction between them. For the most part, this career is mostly chosen by those who want to practice as blockchain instructors and consultants.

Recently, the Argentine Catholic University launched its new online program; which seeks to teach about finance in digital media. Among the programmatic content, we can find complete topics on the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, wallets, P2P commerce, cybersecurity and the influence of traditional banking on crystal banking. By having rich content, this specialty could be exercised to provide consultation and analysis to companies or individuals.

On the other hand, one of the most innovative courses is the one taught by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, which has an extensive program developed based on the most important elements that make up the blockchain. In it, we can learn about the development and implementation of smart contracts, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and blockchain platforms. 

The objective of this prestigious house of study is that its graduates can use the processes present in the block chains, to develop applications that add value to technological advances, which is why the study program includes practices with the Ethereum and Hyperledger platforms. Being one of the most complete blockchain and cryptocurrency courses that we can find, it has multiple job alternatives such as the development of blockchain-based video games, stock market analysis, and consulting, among others.


Thanks to the exponential growth of blockchain technology in recent times, several universities have included careers or cryptocurrency courses in their programs that provide their students with this type of knowledge. For this reason, training in this area is extremely important for the development of both the technology and the many sectors that use it.

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