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— Tell us a little bit about yourself.

— Hello, hello, my name is Leonil Barcelona, I’m working now at ECOS and I’m from Cuba

— How did you join ECOS?

— I joined ECOS looking for a place of work where I could apply all the knowledge I had previously about cryptocurrencies and I found, they accepted me and now I am part of the company

— Where are you from? Tell us something interesting about your country

— I’m from Cuba, a country of beaches, rum, tobacco and coffee and also cryptocurrencies of course

— Did you know about cryptocurrencies before you were hired?

— I knew about cryptocurrencies of course, it always interested me, what was I doing? Practiced a little trading at home, but nothing official in general

— Are you mining yourself?

— Of course, I practice bitcoin mining with our company and at the moment I’m doing well

— What is your favorite cryptocurrency?

— My favorite currency is bitcoin and I am currently practicing its mining in the cloud

— What can you advise to ECOS subscribers?

— Guys join our company, we are all going to mine bitcoins, we are a serious company, we have been mining since 2017 and we are not going to stop, keep going!

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