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Bitcoin is the beginning of something great: a currency without a state, something necessary and extremely important, but it will take a long time for it to be universally trusted.

Nassim Taleb

Bitcoin, the god of cryptocurrencies, is still considered the most desirable cryptocurrency in the world. Including, despite the bearish trend, 1 BTC is not cheap. Do you want to add Bitcoin to your personal portfolio, but you don’t have the funds to invest?

In case you have useless methods, you’ll be able to invest in BTC — it’s every time the wisest conclusion. However, in case you wish to cash in BTC autonomously, there are a large number of cheap varieties. But this is not, for example, profitable, as it seems, the sequence and persistence will certainly help you to increase your own crypto assets sooner.

Since 2020, the price of Bitcoin has increased sevenfold. Even though cryptocurrency remains illegal in most countries, businessmen and politicians around the world are investing in it.

Blogs and social media

The Internet has become so firmly embedded in our lives that almost all people have no chance of living without them for a few hours. However, not everyone realizes that within the all-consuming social networking revolution, there is another revolution that guides users toward cryptocurrency, privacy, and motivation — blockchain-based decentralized social networks.

The Steem blockchain project is a global platform that can host any social projects, from ordinary social networks to video hosting with a unique opportunity to directly monetize the created content. Any developer can build his project on the Steem blockchain and offer users his own, unique way of communication and communication. At the same time, any user can start earning right now by creating interesting, unique content. The goal of the project is to create social platforms, where hundreds of thousands of dollars for cool posts and a huge audience, will be received not by a centralized service like Facebook or Youtube, but by the content creator himself.

Unlike most existing projects, Steem already has two platforms of its own, that is, essentially finished products with their own audience, which is constantly growing.

Crypto games

There are many benefits of blockchain gaming. For users, it allows easy exchange of in-game assets without intermediaries. For developers, blockchain allows them to earn additional income from the sale of game items and tokens, as well as to attract new users. That’s why more and more blockchain games are coming to market. And in 2020, the industry will see a number of projects that may help take it to the next level.

Spells of Genesis

Genesis Spells is entirely free, which makes it a perfect starting point for children. The game incorporates the essence of trading. The game is based on blockchain technology and allows you to collect, trade, upgrade, and trade balls to make game decks and try them out against other players in the Ascian world.

Source: Spells of Genesis

All of the items and cards you collect and win when playing Genesis Spells are yours and are saved on the blockchain. The game is also notable for the fact that it uses a Bitcoin blockchain rather than the Ethereum and Tron game layouts used in this game. All items have all chances to be elementarily withdrawn and exchanged outside of the game.

BitQuest – play Minecraft earn Bitcoin

Bitquest is a Minecraft server with a Bitcoin-based economy. The triumph of the idea, however, spurred the creation of Bitquest as a solid gaming platform.

Source: BitQuest

Bitquest uses cryptocurrency to motivate users to play on its own network. In essence, users mechanically generate Bitcoin by playing the game, and all transactions are recorded on the blockchain.

The team of creators made Bitquest to generate monsters that users or players would kill in order to earn cryptocurrency. Monsters in Bitquest have all chances to own all kinds of forms, these as spiders, zombies, and explosions. Not counting these, they happen to different values, and this depends on the distance between the player and the monster.


Another educational game is SatoshiQuiz. This is a quiz where you get a reward of 0.00001 BTC for correct answers.

The big drawback of the platform is that there is a minimum threshold for withdrawal. A user needs to accumulate at least 11,000 satoshi, which is equivalent to 550 correct answers, in order to pick up the aggregate winnings.


If you find yourself playing this game, you will immediately see similarities with the famous Pokemon Go. Only here you have to collect Bitcoin fragments instead of catching pocket monsters. Once you’ve collected enough fragments, you can create an entire Bitcoin.


Cryptokitties is the first full-blown blockchain game that is in demand and actively funded by players. At this point, the cost of «kitties», which can be raised in the application, is falling every day because of the limited functionality of the application. By the way, you will not be able to earn without investing, you will need to pay in ETH for the first kitten.

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