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Which cryptocurrencies will explode in 2022?


Why is the metaverse being called one of the crypto trends of 2022? Are they the next cryptocurrency to explode 2022? This trend originated back in 2021 – real estate on the Internet began to gain popularity, and the metaverses began to be counted not in units, but in hundreds.

But the main point of growth was the announcement of the IT giant Facebook that they are renaming Meta and will create their own metaverse. Facebook was known all over the world, and now the whole world knows about the metaverses.

Metaverses are one of the most promising technologies that humanity has been moving towards for several decades, and now it is becoming a reality. It has a huge number of applications that can turn our ideas about the world upside down. The Metaverses must become a digital version of our reality.

The beauty of the metaverses is that they are as diverse as real life. And they have about the same number of earning options, for example: real estate and other goods or art, trade in services, advertising, marketplaces, etc.

The most relevant are the buying and selling of NFTs – this is the merger of two powerful trends in the crypto world, which should show good results. The industry is growing every week and we expect this growth to continue. 

Top cryptocurrency 2022

Ready-made solutions in the field of cryptocurrency gaming can become internal tokens of the gaming part of the metaverse. In theory, there can be many of them, and each of them can be used in its own mini-universe, but at the same time exchanged for cryptocurrency in the metaverse. The next big cryptocurrency 2022 are SAND, MANA, AXS.


The SandBox platform is positioned by the developers as a playground in the PlayToEarn format. In The SandBox, you can buy lands, boosters, and avatar customizations called Digital Assets. They are essentially NFTs. A distinctive feature of the platform is the ability to create and sell NFT tokens. The crypto-currency of the metaverse is SAND, which is used as the game currency and control token.


The platform was launched in 2017 on the Ethereum blockchain. It is based on a game that uses two assets: MANA and LAND. MANA is the internal game currency, for which any items (accessories and works of art in the form of NFTs) and land plots (LAND) are purchased. Every square meter of the game space is tokenized.


This is a collectible game using NFT tokens. Its essence lies in breeding fantasy creatures to participate in adventures or battles between players. Each monster is a unique creature with its own set of characteristics, both combat and aesthetic.

The game uses two internal tokens:

  1. AXS is a cryptocurrency in the Axie metaverse used for staking, voting on game development, buying pets, and paying for internal items;
  2. SLP are utility tokens received for winning battles and used to breed pets.

Cryptocurrency 2022 prediction

20 years have passed since the first mention of the concept of “metaverse” and if earlier it was just a vague concept in a science fiction book, now it is a fairly close future. At the end of 2021, a new trend appeared in the cryptocurrency market, which is likely to continue in 2022 – Metaverses. They existed before, but the rebranding of Facebook into Meta attracted new investors to this direction of the crypto economy and now its capitalization is in the millions of dollars.

2021 can be called the year of the formation of the metaverse as one of the most promising ways to implement technologies, including virtual reality and Web 3.0. At the moment, everything points to an uptrend in this nascent industry. If the growth of interest in the metaverses and their development continues, then they will soon be able to take a tangible share of the entertainment and games industry. Grayscale estimates that virtual game world revenue could reach $400 billion by 2025, up from $180 billion in 2020.


The first metaverses did not have the best graphical and functional components when compared to most modern video games, despite the fact that, in fact, the metaverses are primarily related to the gaming industry. At the same time, high-quality game projects take years to fully develop, and photorealistic, interactive virtual worlds are still ahead of us. The number and potential of projects that have either not yet entered the market at all or are in the early stages of development and development of their products indicate a great future for the metaverse market.

Meta has seriously taken up the development of such a global project and is ready to invest huge resources in it. So, Mark Zuckerberg has already announced the investment of $10 billion in the development of the metaverse. And the developments of the crypto industry can help accelerate this process, bringing the era of the metaverses closer.

In the coming years, the quality of content and the diversity of features within the metaverse could be the determining factors for the success of any given platform. Projects that can gain attention through interesting partnerships, creating immersive interactive content, and focusing on gaming will definitely achieve significant growth in the user base, which will lead to both an increase in the price of property within the metaverse, and an increase in the value of the cryptocurrency asset lying in its basis. It remains only to follow the projects, highlighting the next cryptocurrency to explode 2022 for yourself. 

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