How Bitcoin differs from Ripple?

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As an exceptionally famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is the favourite in terms of market capitalization and joint attractiveness to traders. But there are other crypto projects that deserve your attention. Ripple XRP comes to mind almost eminently.


Ripple is the title of the company behind the XRP cryptocurrency. The firm was based as a public network. Users from the network were likely to bypass banks and lend to friends and disclose credit units. However, the network failed to take off.

It is incorrect to directly compare Ripple and Bitcoin, although many sin by thinking that all cryptocurrencies are equal. However, in this case, they are absolutely not similar. Going into technical details, it is worth noting that Ripple is not a cryptocurrency at all, but a token. Ripple has no blockchain and no intrinsic value. Simply put, if you want a regular dollar to do what Bitcoin can do for quick international payments, you get something like Ripple.

Unlike Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, the identities of Ripple’s creators are common knowledge. Company is largely controlled and maintained by its creators, making it much less decentralized than Bitcoin. In addition, Ripple’s co-founder, Jed McCaleb, creator of MtGox, is a rather controversial figure.

«Ripple is very centralized, and the XRP wallet is more like a PayPal account than Bitcoin. It’s hard to find any reasonable reason for XRP to exist other than so that Ripple can make money. Lots of money,» said Laura Shin, editor of Forbes.

Bitcoin vs XRP

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that does not depend on any organization. In the case of Ripple, the digital asset depends on OneCoin and its creators, Chris Larsen and Jeb McCaleb, CEO and CTO, respectively. XRP is a pre-collapsed currency, meaning that its value can change if the company so desires.

The Ripple platform differs from the Bitcoin system in that it does not use energy and operational tests, but uses a register driven network of validation servers that works by comparing multiple transaction records. Ripple operates from a publicly available database that guarantees operation between validation servers to ensure the integrity of the information.

XRP allows funds to be transferred quickly anywhere in the world. The Ripple platform operates without transaction fees and avoids wasted time by intermediaries such as banks and cryptocurrency exchanges. The main difference between Ripple and BTC cryptocurrencies is that the former is not based on the blockchain, but is focused on the consensus of the network.

How much difference is there between Ripple and Bitcoin

Instead, to apply the theory of blockchain mining, the XPR network uses an unusual distributed consensus transaction testing device in which participating nodes authenticate a transaction by making a random choice. This allows transactions to be literally nimbly approved without a central authority playing a role.

As a result, Ripple remains decentralized and more accountable and trustworthy than almost all its rivals. This also means that XRP’s personal system takes a small amount of energy compared to Bitcoin.

In the boundaries of 1 billion XRPS were first mined at launch and are slowly being released to the bazaar by larger investors. In contrast, the BTC supply is limited to 20 million, which means there will only be 20 million BTC in the world. The inadequacy of Bitcoin has undoubtedly helped attract investors to its potential.

XRP issuance is governed by a smart contract. Ripple intended to release no more than 1 billion Ripple tokens at any given time in accordance with the embedded smart contract; the real-time circulation draws more than 50 billion.

Any unused Ripple tokens will be transferred back into a coherent deposit account in the direction of a particular month. This device ensures that there will be no room for abuse because of the overabundance of Ripple cryptocurrencies, and it will be many years before all of the cryptocurrencies are available.

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