TOP 5 most influential people in crypto

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Top 5 most influential people in crypto

Each field has its own opinion leaders who have a large number of followers. Their opinion is trusted and even followed by advice in real life. We tried to make a rating of the most influential people in the crypto world and, since the most popular social network in the cryptosphere is Twitter, we went there. After all, the more subscribers a person has, the more he influences the crypto community. Who is the main crypto star?

5th place – Andreas Antonopoulos

Number of subscribers: 723 thousand

Andreas Antonopoulos is the author of the acclaimed best-selling books Mastering Bitcoin and Mastering Ethereum, which highlight the global importance of Bitcoin. He is also the host of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast, each episode of which is listened to by thousands of users.

4th place – Charlie Lee

Number of subscribers: 1 million

Charlie Lee is the former CTO of the most popular exchange Coinbase and the creator of the Litecoin cryptocurrency. Now he is involved in some projects related to bitcoin. Before getting into cryptocurrencies, Lee worked as an engineer for companies such as Google and Guidewire Software.

3rd place – Justin Sun

Number of subscribers: 3.3 millions

Justin is the founder and CEO of the massive TRON blockchain network. For some time now, he has also been the CEO of BitTorrent, a company that TRON acquired in 2019.

2nd place – Vitalik Buterin

Number of subscribers: 3.6 millions

Canadian programmer and founder of the Ethereum project, a global blockchain network that allows you to work with smart contracts and decentralized applications. ETH is the second cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization after BTC (at the time of this writing).

1st place – Changpeng Zhao

Number of subscribers: 5.5 millions

Changpeng Zhao is the founder and CEO of Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. Recently, his company also acquired the largest crypto portal CoinMarketCap. He previously worked on the team and CTO at OKCoin.

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