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The most common way to get cryptocurrency is to “mine” it. People create entire mining farms to receive cryptocurrencies. Using the example of Bitcoin, we will tell you how it works.

When it comes to mining farm, it is worth imagining a warehouse, or other premises, that is used to accommodate hardware that is meant for cryptocurrency mining. The size of such a farm is very diverse. It can be placed in the utility room of a private house, and it happens that a separate huge building is built for it.

Mining farms typically require a lot of power supply as well as ventilation devices to cool the hardware. In essence, a mining farm is a set of miners who are united in one room or building and conduct their activities together.

Bitcoin mining is essentially a simple process. It is that the transaction must be verified by someone so that it can then be added to a public account known as a blockchain. Such transactions are added in blocks.  All you need to get verified is a computer, Internet access, and the right software. In essence, the mining farm uses computers that validate Bitcoins and transactions.

What are the conditions of mining farms?

Typically, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies use a significant amount of electricity. Moreover, when the equipment heats up, you need to have efficient cooling devices. That is why residents of colder regions, closer to the north, have the most favorable conditions for cryptocurrency mining. It will also be a strategically important step to locate such a farm in a place where electricity will cost the least.

Therefore, we can only conclude that mining is expensive. Moreover, computers that are often used for mining wear out very quickly. That is why they need to be changed very often. If you are planning to set up a mining farm, you need to think about your start-up capital in advance. After all, without large investments, you can be doomed to failure. When you get a little used to it, you will be able to reinvest the profits in the development of your “production”.

There are various ways to raise capital to open a mining farm. Among them, the most common are initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO), search for investors to purchase computer equipment and other necessary equipment, issue of bonds and other securities.

Cloud mining is the best way of the long-term strategy. It’s simple and not so risky. You can invest in cloud mining with ECOS!

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