What is the new ASIC S19 XP?

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What is the new ASIC S19 XP?


Bitmain Technologies Ltd was founded by Jihan Wu and Mikri Zhang in 2013, at a time when bitcoin reached unprecedented high prices. At that moment, many major players entered the market, but Bitmain had a competitive advantage due to its ASIC design. Despite the sharp decline in the price of bitcoin, the company’s competitors either lost their business or left the market. However, both entrepreneurs believed in the success of the idea and showed patience, and it turned out to be a wise decision.

With the rise in bitcoin prices, Bitmain’s product, Antminer S5, has become the leading device for mining cryptocurrencies. In 2017, sales of Bitmain ASIC systems accounted for about 75% of the entire market, having achieved such remarkable success thanks to cost-effective production methods. While Antminer’s market share declined due to the emergence of other manufacturers after 2019, Bitmain was still the largest manufacturer of ASIC miners in the world.

Product Description:

The Bitmain Antminer S19 XP ASIC miner uses the SHA-256 algorithm and allows mining three well-known coins: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV). In addition, this hashing algorithm can be used for crypto mining of hundreds of altcoins, although selling them may be a difficult task and less expedient. The high efficiency of the Antminer S19 XP is achieved thanks to its 144-chip BM1398 hash board. The main competitive advantage of this model lies in the built-in APW12 power supply and fuse, which protect against power fluctuations, providing high operational safety and increased stability. With a mixing speed of 141 thousand bits/s and a power consumption of 3010 Watts, the device provides a quick return on investment.

Technical specifications:

Manufacturer: Bitmain

Model: Antminer S19 XP 141th

Weight: 14.4 kg

Dimensions: 400195290 mm

Power consumption: 3010 W

Fans: 4

Energy efficiency: 21.5 J/th.

Service life:

No manufacturer can guarantee a certain duration of operation of their devices. ASIC miners are very complex elements of technology, which makes it impossible to predict their exact service life. On average, ASIC miners serve their owners from 2 to 5 years. To increase their service life, careful care and ideal external conditions are necessary. For an ASIC miner, it is recommended to allocate a separate room with reliable wiring and high-quality ventilation. This installation reduces the accumulation of dust and minimizes the impact of voltage fluctuations compared to a conventional apartment. Bitmain assumes that the optimal operating temperature for Antminer S19 XP is from 5 to 35 degrees Celsius, and humidity is from 5% to 95%. If creating a separate room is not feasible, special storage boxes can be a viable alternative. At ECOS, we offer you services for purchase, inspection, high-quality storage and maintenance, and, of course, we will provide your equipment with a reliable power source.

Comparison with Previous Models:

The main attention in the field of mining is paid to two important parameters: performance and energy consumption. To fully understand the advantages of the ASIC S19 XP, let’s compare it with previous S19 models. Undoubtedly, the S19 has become a significant step forward in the mining world, but the S19 XP raises the bar even higher. This is proven by both increased productivity and additional functions that contribute to more comfortable operation and management of equipment. You can see the results of the comparison in the picture below


ASIC S19 XP is a fresh wind of innovation in the world of cryptocurrency mining. Higher performance, efficiency, improved coolability and durability make this model a significant step forward. Comparison with previous models of the S19 line highlights the superiority of the S19 XP on many fronts. If you are looking for a reliable and powerful cryptocurrency mining solution, the ASIC S19 XP certainly deserves your attention.


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