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As in almost every other field of activity, there is a significant gender imbalance in the field of cryptocurrencies. After all, according to recent studies, of all crypto-traders, only 15% are women in crypto.

However, there is a more comforting forecast. It was recently found that of all the people who plan to invest in crypto, 40% are women, which is quite close to half. It is also important that women are not only interested in this field, but also very often occupy top positions and make decisions that affect the entire industry. In this article, we want to talk about 8 such women in crypto who run the cryptocurrency world.

Hester Peirce, SEC commissioner

Women in crypto Hester Peirce
Women in crypto: Hester Peirce

Many call Hester a “crypto-mother” because she plays an important role in creating the legal framework for digital assets within her professional activities.

Hester has a clear vision for developing and stimulating innovation not only in the cryptocurrency market but in the digital industry as a whole.

She is also a supporter of the DeFi sector and firmly believes that this concept opens up many new perspectives for business and the economy. It promotes greater democracy, is more transparent and accessible, and is systemically stable.

Ria Bhutoria, Fidelity Digital Assets research director

Women in crypto Ria Bhutoria
Women in crypto: Ria Bhutoria

In addition to her job of researching the cryptocurrency market, Ria is innovating in this area, and it is thanks to her that everyone can now access the FUD Fort database, which contains a comprehensive number of articles on all the ambiguities and doubts that may surround the cryptocurrency industry.

Also, if you want to easily and effortlessly join the industry, we recommend subscribing to Bhutoria’s Twitter, where she often shares insights and interesting facts about cryptocurrencies.

Camila Russo, The Defiant founder

Women in crypto: Camila Russo
Women in crypto: Camila Russo

Camilla is a journalist by profession, and her main goal is to convey information about cryptocurrencies to ordinary people, who are not crypto-professionals.

Camilla left her job at Bloomberg and wrote a book about Ethereum. Then she created her media, The Defiant, which tries to tell her audience about DeFi and its benefits in a multi-channel way.

Elizabeth Stark, Lightning Labs CEO and co-founder

Women in crypto: Elizabeth Stark
Women in crypto: Elizabeth Stark

You can perform 5 transactions per second in the Bitcoin system. But the famous Elizabeth is doing everything possible and researching to improve this figure. So far, this technology is under research and development, but it has great potential to become the basis for the formation of Bitcoin as a common payment method.

Caitlin Long, Avanti Financial Group founder, and CEO

Women in crypto Caitlin Long
Women in crypto: Caitlin Long

This heroine was building her career in the world’s leading financial companies for many years until she finally found her vocation in the cryptocurrency industry. Recently, Caitlin founded her bank, Avanti, which aims to serve legal entities and individuals, and its mission is to develop the digital economy and promote cryptocurrency transactions.

The entrepreneur argues that the global financial and economic infrastructure should be prepared for the introduction of cryptocurrencies along with traditional payment methods.

Kristin Smith, Blockchain Association executive director

Women in crypto Kristin Smith
Women in crypto: Kristin Smith

Kristin heads the Blockchain Association, which sees its mission as paving the way for cryptocurrencies in our world. Many entrepreneurs face difficulties in trying to innovate. Legislative regulation is often the reason. That is why the Blockchain Association is in dialogue with the two sides to address difficulties on the path to an innovative economy.

Sheila Warren, World Economic Forum head of blockchain and data policy

Women in crypto Sheila Warren
Women in crypto: Sheila Warren

Like many of her female colleagues, Sheila is trying to open the door to cryptocurrency to the world economy. After the World Economic Forum in Davos, she made a bold forecast. Sheila says that in 2021, financial institutions will begin to incorporate cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens more intensively.

Christine Lagarde, European Central Bank president

Women in crypto: Christine Lagarde
Women in crypto: Christine Lagarde

Maybe Christine doesn’t work directly with the crypto market and things like that. But as president of Europe’s central bank, she decides a lot when it comes to integrating cryptocurrencies into the daily financial tractions of individuals and businesses. Moreover, it is this woman who can significantly influence whether the European continent launches its cryptocurrency.

As you can see, the cryptocurrency market is a very innovative area. Very often innovation in our world is perceived as something very masculine. However, few people know that very often fragile and feminine ladies can stand behind such serious and complex things.

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