Antminer s19j Pro 100 TH/s

Antminer s19j Pro 100 TH/s
Setup Duration 14 Days

Hardware Details

  • Energy Cons: 3250 W
  • Hashrate: 100 TH/s
  • Algorithm: SHA256
  • Condition: New

Hosting at ECOS Data Center

Shipping and TAX
Set up and launch
24/7 Maintenance and Security
Order Details Setup Duration 14 Days
1*ASIC price $2 899
1*Hosting fee
1*Installation package
Total price $2 899

Bitmain S19J Pro is a highly popular ASIC miner. It continuously consumes 3,250 W of power and operates at 100 TH/s.

Antminer S19J Pro 100th is compatible with any cryptocurrency that relies on the SHA-256 algorithm. ECOS uses this ASIC to mine Bitcoin.

To operate this unit, it is necessary to have access to two NEMA outlets that can provide 220 volts each. In addition, a single 2-pole 20 amp breaker is required for each unit to feed a 220-240 volt power line. Furthermore, two digital ballast cords with a 240 volt rating, 16 gauge wire thickness, and 10 amp capacity are needed to connect to the Antminer’s attached PSU.

Device Features

One of the important features of Bitmain Antminer S19J Pro is the durable original power supply with built-in overheat and overvoltage protection. The miner can work for 24 hours without overheating due to the fast cooling system. This advantage allows users to mine cryptocurrency faster than similar ASICs. The device is equipped with a 7 nm chip and can reach 100 TH/s performance. This hardware is ideal for BTC mining.

Technical characteristics

Antminer S19J Pro has SHA-256 mining algorithm for BTC mining.

Main technical features:

Sizes of the device – 195 x 290 x 370mm

Weight – 13200g

Temperature – 5 – 35 °C

Firmware: Antminer Pro

Potential profit and payback of Antminer S19J Pro

It is impossible to accurately calculate s19 antminer yield as profitability forecasts depend on the BTC exchange rate. Given the current antminer s19 pro price, we can say that the payback period will be shorter compared to the previous generation S17 and the less powerful T17

Why is it profitable to work with ECOS

ECOS Data Center was built and designed for efficient bitcoin mining. It is located on the territory of Hrazdan thermal power plant and receives electricity directly from it. This territory has ideal climatic conditions for ASICs cooling. ECOS provides clients with an all in one service for mining bitcoin with ASICs, or mining-as-a-service. This allows customers not to ponder where to install the equipment and how to maintain it. With ECOS it takes only two clicks to mine BTC. ECOS is also a legal resident of the Armenian Free Economic Zone with a number of tax benefits.

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