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Rent ASIC Order: ASIC S19K Pro 115TH Duration: 36 Months

115 Th/s | 2 760 W
  • Rental Price per ASIC: $2 550
  • Hosting Fee per Month: $180
  • Total Price: $2 730

Order Details

Rent ASIC ASIC S19K Pro 115TH for 36 Months

Rental Price: $2 550
ASIC Rent per Day: $2.32
Price per 1 TH per Day: $0.020
Hosting Fee per Month: $180
Static Mining Output: $13 635
Static Mining Output per Day: $12
Static Mining Ratio:
Static Output Ratio: Static Mining Output / Rental Price
Breakeven Days:
Static Breakeven Days: Rental Price / Static Mining Output * Duration

ASIC Details

ASIC S19K Pro 115TH
Function: BTC/BCH SHA256
Specifications: 115Th/s | 2 760W | 23J/T
If you want to purchase this ASIC, you can buy it and host at ECOS Data Center
Price per ASIC: $3 283
Buy & Host

ECOS Data Center

The ECOS data center is located on the territory of the Hrazdan Thermal Power Plant. Today it allows to place up to 20,000 ASICs and supports a capacity of 27 PH.


The location in Hrazdan creates a number of significant advantages, such as: on-site power plant and service center, and ideal climatic conditions. The safety and security of the equipment is monitored around the clock by armed guards, and uninterrupted operation is ensured by a team of engineers working on site 24/7.

Comparing to ASIC Purchase
Rental Purchase
Price: $2 550 $3 283
Rental Period, Months: 36
Average Lifespan of an ASIC Miner
TH/s: 115 115
Ownership: no yes
Commission Payment Schedule: daily or monthly monthly prepayment
Price/TH per Day: $0.020 $0.016
Installment Costs: 0 $650
Repair Costs: In the event of a miner repairment or maintenance, the hashrate will be provided by other functioning miners In case of malfunction: 6 month guarantee
repair costs on behalf of the customer in case of break
Start Date of Mining: Immediately 14-21 days