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Best Crypto to Buy in 2024

Best Crypto to Buy

Key Takeaways

  • 2024 is a good time to invest in cryptocurrencies. While the global economy remains highly volatile, it would be wise to diversify your portfolio by adding digital coins to fiat currencies and other assets.

  • To choose the optimal coins, investors should follow their news. It makes sense to purchase those that are about to undergo major technical, economic or conceptual updates that can boost their value in the short term or mid-term. Plus, analyze what governments, regulatory bodies, experts and organizations think about this or that currency.

  • Apart from the obvious variants like BTC and ETH, it’s reasonable to add lesser-known assets to your portfolio – such as SUI, SEI, WLD, LINK or DOT. Our traders keep continuously monitoring the market, so follow their news to stay aware of the most promising coins.

Best Crypto to Buy in 2024

2024 seems to be a good time to invest in cryptocurrency. The global economy is expected to remain unstable, which means investors should diversify their portfolios. But what is the best crypto to buy in 2024? In this article, we’ll turn your attention to noteworthy crypto assets that have the potential to become more expensive in the foreseeable future. Plus, we’ll share our traders’ insights and inform our readers about the handy ECOS instruments that you might want to rely on as an investor.


For 15 years of its existence, Bitcoin BTC remains the most obvious investment choice. It boasts a huge audience and record-breaking market adoption. It introduced blockchain technology and the proof of work consensus concept that other crypto projects later adopted. In 2023, its price significantly recovered after a lengthy decline – and it’s projected to noticeably increase after April 2024 when the halving will take place. Another important point is that recently, the SEC approved Bitcoin ETF transactions, which paves the way for multi-billion investments in cryptocurrency markets.


A large ecosystem of dApps is thriving on the Ethereum blockchain. These include marketplaces for non-fungible tokens, publishing platforms, lending services and many more. Users can benefit from smart contracts and release their own tokens that will circulate within the whole blockchain. In 2024, the Dencun upgrade is planned for Ethereum ETH. The advantages that it will bring include upgraded staking, an advanced concept of sharding, decreased gas costs for complex transfers and the potential for price growth. The reasons for buying ETH sound solid enough, don’t they?


The price of the SOL token plummeted in 2022 but is quickly recovering and people are actively trading it – so why don’t you join them? This coin has showcased good potential for overcoming crises. Investors love it for its powerful technological advantage. It managed to solve the problem that most of its competitors failed to cope with – to couple extremely cheap transactions with the outstanding speed of their execution. This blockchain enables users to build smart contracts, which is another important brick in the foundation of its positive perspectives.

Binance Coin BNB

It’s the native token of one of the major crypto exchanges. Its holders can enjoy various benefits on this trading platform, such as paying cheaper fees. Plus, it enables developers to launch dApps in the BNB blockchain. One of the optimal variants of using this token is through the Launchpad and Launchpool programs at Binance. Their conditions and offers can change rapidly, so we’ll draw just one example here. If you stake BNB in Launchpool, it will let you earn the assets from the new blockchain projects that this pool helps to launch. Compared to other coins, BNB is likely to deliver a better yield in this case. You’ll be allowed to unstake it whenever you wish, which means your risks will be low. In the near future, Binance can announce some more exciting projects – and this news will drive up the price of its asset.


This one was conceived to build new blockchains, using a modular approach. This method simplifies the development process, enhances collaboration, allows parallel consensus across networks and supports sovereign rollups. It becomes easier to prove data availability and detect fraud. You may consider purchasing the Celestia’s TIA token because of its decent staking yield, planned airdrops and the exciting technological concept that will keep attracting numerous developers.


This blockchain was built on the layer of the ETH network, which grants exceptional security to it. Compared to its predecessor, Arbitrum offers faster and more affordable transfers. Networks that run on its blockchain have the opportunity to release custom gas tokens. Some projects that were initially launched on the ETH infrastructure moved to this advanced alternative – such as SushiSwap or Aave. The amount of total value locked in Arbitrum is among the highest in the whole DeFi segment. This project distributes grants among developers who built apps of various types, be it social media, NFT or games. Summing up all these facts, we can state that the ARB token seems to be a promising investment.


It’s a decentralized trading platform whose own token, which is used for governance, is called UNI. This cryptocurrency exchange gained prominence thanks to pioneering the automated market-making concept. It lists new coins earlier than its centralized counterparts, which expands its audience and ensures a steadily large trading volume. Many entities in the industry rely on Uniswap services, so it’s deeply integrated into the sector. The platform has proved its ability to process enormous amounts of money in spite of chaos in the market. Soon, it hopes to deliver a non-custodial wallet for smartphones. The project is rapidly evolving and might open great perspectives for its token holders.

Mina Protocol

Mina became famous for being a remarkably lightweight blockchain. It’s perfectly compatible with smartphones, even if they’re not too powerful. The dApps built on this platform were dubbed zkApps because they’re developed on the zero-knowledge principle. It means an individual can confirm that the data belongs to them without revealing any meaningful details about themselves to third parties. Experts predict that this principle will generate a high demand in the industry, that is why it would be wise to invest in the Mina token right now.


This project was launched to facilitate interoperability between different blockchains. If you stake its native token ATOM, you’ll be able to participate in governance, earn your fractions of the transaction fees and reap staking rewards. Apart from the appeal of its initial concept and the gained popularity, this project has one more advantage. Its community is voting to decrease the ATOM inflation rate – and one of the possible options is reducing it to zero. The results of this decision can make the project more appealing for investors from multiple viewpoints – for instance, they won’t have to pay more than the minimum necessary limit for blockchain security. 


Its vital merits are quick and affordable transfers as well as a custom consensus protocol. XRP is an element of the On-Demand Liquidity product that enables exchanges to carry out cross-border transactions. People’s interest in this coin has been recently backed up by several meaningful events. For instance, the SEC used to have claims to the top executives of this cryptocurrency – but they’re not relevant anymore. The Dubai International Financial Centre approved this coin to use. The team behind XRP helps Georgia to launch the digital analog of its national currency. If renowned organizations and governments support a coin, investors should keep an eye on it.


It’s a BTC-based asset that has been around nearly just as long as its prototype. Compared to BTC, LTC features faster data transfers. SEC seems to have nothing against this asset and hasn’t mentioned it recently when talking about suspicious cryptocurrencies. The next halving is scheduled for August 2024, after which LTC is forecasted to become more expensive. If you manage to buy it earlier, you can expect to make a nice income on it.

Shiba Inu

It’s the second-largest meme coin by market capitalization. It operates on the ERC-20 standard and has been around for approximately four years. Its popularity is unlikely to decline soon because its team has very serious intentions. They want to acquire the .shib top-level domain to use it for websites, emails and personalized usernames. This domain will ensure cross-compatibility of various services, which was previously unprecedented for the industry. It can take the team up to 5 years to get the approval for .shib and even more time to put their ambitious plans into practice – so consider it as a mid-term investment.


This blockchain was launched as an alternative to the existing ones, with an emphasis on efficiency, sustainability, scalability and interoperability. To put it simply, its founders strive to make it more user-friendly, high-performing and environmentally safe than its competitors. Cardano ADA is traded not as actively as many other cryptocurrencies from our list but its market capitalization is high. It makes sense to invest in it because its team specializes in profound research instead of craving immediate profits. 

Our Traders’ Opinion

Above, we listed some of the most in-demand coins on the crypto market. However, selected lesser-known digital assets showcased excellent performance in 2023. For instance, BONK grew by +4850%, INJ by +2780% and TRB by +1450%

Our experts continuously monitor the market for timely signals. They constantly create indexes for our clients to reveal coins with the highest probability of earning money and the highest possible risk. Throughout the last year and especially since midsummer, our indexes have become very popular among our audience. For example, XmasFortune, Fast Move and Yesterday Low are our favorites among the indexes. Of the coins that made up the indexes, our audience particularly appreciated SOL, SUI, ARB, SEI, LTC, TIA, WLD, LINK and DOT. Our team is already working on several new products for investors and will be ready to offer them to you soon.


Is 2024 a good year to invest in crypto?

Absolutely. The global economy is projected to remain highly volatile in the next few months. In such circumstances, it would be wise to diversify your investments and include digital currency in your portfolio.

Does it still make sense to invest in BTC?

Of course. In April 2024, BTC will undergo halving, which is expected to drive up its price. This coin has a huge user base and the demand for it is sure to remain very high.

Which not-so-obvious assets are worth paying attention to?

The answer to this question can vary considerably over time. By the moment of writing this article, our traders managed to achieve good results with SUI, SEI, WLD, LINK, DOT and some other lesser-known assets. Please follow our news to stay updated about the most promising options.

How to select the best coins for investment?

When picking the best crypto to buy for investment, check the news of the selected assets to detect the upcoming events that can boost their prices. For instance, it can be halving, switching to new algorithms or launching new partnerships. Opt for cryptocurrencies with a large audience, a strong team, an impressive market capitalization and a palpable technological competitive edge.

What can the ECOS team offer to investors?

Our experts keep continuously monitoring the market. They offer indexes for our audience that reveal the assets with the highest probability of earning money and the highest possible risks. In the near future, ECOS is planning to release new helpful products for investors.

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