DeFi: all or nothing?

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You’ve probably heard rumors of an incredible profitability boom that is currently taking place in the crypto market called DeFi. For those who live on a different planet: the decentralized finance (DeFi) market is now undergoing events that OVERSHADOW what was happening on the initial coin offerings (ICO) market in 2017 ?

Imagine the scale of the madness: Yearn.Finance YFI, the Ethereum-based DeFi token has grown in value 130 times in two months! Inexperienced investors see that at the beginning of July it was possible to invest $1,000 and get $130,000 in two months. But the insane profitability around decentralized finances today is definitely an economic bubble!

Once the bubble bursts, the value of tokens will drop to a minimum and those inexperienced investors will lose their investment. It is impossible to guess when the bubble will burst. It may happen any minute and the collapse will be instant and dizzying.

Purposes of DeFi

DeFi itself was created and exists for completely different purposes. The main one is to provide an opportunity for investment, primarily in stablecoins. You are investing money not in speculative tokens, but in stablecoins, whose rate fluctuates within the technical range of ±5% of the dollar value.

These investments are a pool of liquidity on various trading and credit decentralized platforms and generate direct income either through commissions that are paid for each exchange operation on these platforms, or by lending to other ecosystem participants. What do 78,000% per annum tell you?

Invest in the most stable coin — Bitcoin. After all, if you invest in a cryptocurrency, it is better to have a reliable one! There are many low-risk ways to invest in it, and one of the most effective is mining. Now you can try cloud mining with ECOS, Operator of the Free Economic Zone in Hrazdan, Armenia.

DeFi – how can I profit from it?

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