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One of the distinguishing characteristics of the cryptocurrency market is the high level of volatility. Even those virtual money, which is considered the most stable and reliable, can change in value by ten, or even several tens of percent in just one day.

At the same time, it is extremely problematic to predict such fluctuations and which currency will “shoot” soon and which one will remain only a virtual “candy wrapper” worth a penny.

To avoid failure and loss of a significant part of funds when investing in crypto coins, investing money, not in one but several different virtual currencies is necessary. In other words, you need to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio.

But how to do it? One of the most useful tools is ECOS Portfolio. ECOS Portfolio is a tool for investing in digital asset portfolios. ECOS offers portfolios with different risk-reward ratios. Any user with or without experience will be able to find a portfolio that suits their requirements.

The formation of a portfolio of cryptocurrency assets is the first step in investing; success and income depend on it. It defines all the parameters and conditions for investing funds. However, building a portfolio without prior preparation is an extremely complex process. Without knowing what a cryptocurrency portfolio is and how it works, it is impossible to select assets and make a big profit correctly.

Therefore, ECOS’ analysts have formed several portfolios based on different investor profiles. Among them, there are high-risk (yield from 50% per annum in USD), medium-risk (25-40% per annum in USD), and conservative (15-30% per annum in USD).

To invest in one of the ECOS portfolios, you only need:

  1. Download ECOS app
  2. Register and log in
  3. Go to the Portfolio section
  4. Select risk level
  5. Choose a portfolio suitable for this level of risk or form your portfolio using a special calculator
  6. Buy the selected portfolio and observe the dynamics of its value

Choose the best portfolio and earn with fewer risks with ECOS Portfolio!

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