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Volatility, or the rate of change in prices, is often seen as a way to measure market sentiment and, in particular, the degree of fear among market participants. It is the time that can bring big income or big losses. High-risk investors adore it and choose the most volatile assets.

Volatility is a statistical measure of the degree to which their trading price has changed over a period of time. In economics, this term means the frequency and range of fluctuations in the price of an asset compared to its average price.

Usually, the volatility indicator is calculated as a percentage. The more and more often prices change, the more volatile this asset or the market as a whole is considered. If your goal is to earn maximum profitability in a short time, then we have prepared The Most Volatility Index portfolio!

The Most Volatility Index comprises projects that may continue to be volatile for a long time. Volatility can bring both very high returns and large losses. When investing in a portfolio, you must consider these risks. Our analysts are looking for the most volatile projects and select Top 8 projects every week. So invest in it right now and earn with ECOS!

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